Mr. Nikhil Naren, 4th year student of SLS Noida received Pre-Placement offer (PPO) from Scriboard, [Advocates and Legal Consultants], New Delhi as ‘Trainee Advocate’. He has been interviewed by Ms. Akanksha Vishnoi who is also a student ambassador of EBC/SCC Online.

1. Tell us something about yourself.
Well, I chose Legal Studies out of my own choice despite studying PCM at the +2 Level. I am mostly curious about everything and I think this is one such area where things (laws) are open for interpretations. Apart from my interest in Learning the Law, I have keen interest towards Photography, Cricket, Cars, Music, Travelling and Food. I keep on discovering new things about myself too!

2. How do you feel about getting a Pre-Placement Offer from Scriboard [Advocates and Legal Consultants], New Delhi?
Of Course it feels great! I hope that I do justice with this opportunity which has come to me owing to the fact that I am only in my 7 th Semester of Law School. I am also very excited and enthusiastic about starting this new phase of life!

3. When did you realize your passion for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Laws?
I have always been keen towards technology. Also with the advent of Digitization in India I really think of it as an emerging field with increase in disputes and need for proper laws to come to place. I completed my Diploma in Cyber Laws from Government Law College, Mumbai in my 2nd Year itself. My interest developed in Intellectual Property during my internship at Scriboard. I have recently completed a certification course on Intellectual Property and Competition Law from FICCI, New Delhi.

4. Did you receive the PPO unexpectedly or were you expecting the same?
I interned at Scriboard for four months before landing up with the PPO. I just kept on working without expectations because my prime focus was on the Learning part. Though, Rodney Sir and I started having a good bonding as time passed by and somewhere I thought I could get an opportunity to work with the firm. So yes, I expected it sooner or later.

5. How should one plan his/her internships?
I believe that one should have a clear approach towards his/her interest area by the time they are done with 5 semesters at the Law School. Till then you can go by the trial and error method. That’s the time when one should take up new things and analyze if it interest’s that person. This could only be achieved by the means of internships. Initial internships should be done at the District Courts to get hold of the procedural laws followed by High Courts/Supreme Court. I guess, fourth semester would be the correct time to intern at boutique law firms if one does not want to go for litigation. Lastly, what one should keep in their mind is to build their CV in a way that the CV speaks of their interest in front of the recruiter and not their mouth.

6. What are your plans 5 years down the line?
I have yet not decided on that to be honest because I am just entering into a new phase of life! Let me settle first. Though, I would like to definitely see myself doing something innovative and interesting in the field of Information Technology Laws and endeavor to make discussions, readings, competitions on Intellectual Property Laws and Information Technology Laws accessible to the society on a common platform.

7. Do you think internships are important than academics?
Everything carries it’s own importance. Without knowing the theory, application is not possible. Internships certainly make you industry ready. If you know what area of law interest’s you, read the theory and start doing internships. Internships introduces you to the application based aspect of the subject matter. On the other hand if one aims for Judicial Services examinations or Administrative Services or an LL.M they should focus more on academics. It depends on one’s priority. Nonetheless to say, no learning goes waste!

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