Cases Reported in HCC

(2023) 2 HCC (Bom)

Labour Law — Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 — S. 25-O (2) — Closure of Undertaking — Whether contractual workmen can participate in proceedings for closure of establishment — Held, S. 25-O (2) indicates that employer, workmen, and persons interested in such closure need to granted opportunity of hearing while deciding on closure, [Krantikari Kamgar Union v. Labour Commissioner, (2023) 2 HCC (Bom) 159]

(2023) 5 HCC (Del)

Mines and Minerals — Mining Services — Whether the assets of the prior allottee awaiting determination and disbursal of compensation, be vested in favour of successful bidder — Held, interest of prior allottee is secured to claim enhanced compensation in event of upward revision, and vesting order cannot be deferred till compensation payable to prior allottee is determined and disbursed, [Electrosteel Castings Ltd. v. Union of India, (2023) 5 HCC (Del) 680]

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — Ss. 397 and 401 — Criminal revision petition — Trial court held that the ingredients of S. 308 IPC are not attracted therefore, the case falls within the scope of S. 323 IPC. Held, while upholding the order of the Trial court, that mere injuries found on head cannot be said to be caused with the intention of committing culpable homicide not amounting to murder, [State (NCT of Delhi) v. Raju, (2023) 5 HCC (Del) 701]

(2023) 1 HCC (Ker)

Constitution of India — Art. 21 — Gender Identity — Parents seeking permission to conduct non-consensual gender affirmative surgery on minor child — Held, chromosomal analysis not sufficient for granting permission, as possibility of child developing male like tendencies in adulthood cannot be ruled out, [X101 v. State of Kerala, (2023) 1 HCC (Ker) 230]

(2023) 1 HCC (Mad)

Hindu Law — Hindu Undivided Family (HUF) — Corparcenary property under Mitakshara Law — Disputed related to nature of property — Held, the respondents filed a copy of the partition deed issued between the appellants on partitioning the properties belonging to their father, proving that the suit properties were ancestral properties and not absolute properties of the appellants, [Krishnasamy Gounder v. Eswari, (2023) 1 HCC (Mad) 284]

Criminal trial vis-a-vis departmental proceeding — standard of proof in departmental proceeding lower than standard of proof in criminal proceeding — Held, if exoneration in criminal proceeding on technical ground and not on merit, prosecution may continue, however, if on merit, criminal prosecution cannot be allowed to continue, [N. Balasubramanian v. State of T.N., (2023) 1 HCC (Mad) 307]

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