Bombay High Court issues the following Standard Operating Procedure for hearing the matters through Virtual mode at the Principal Seat, Bombay High Court with effect from 4th January 2022 till 28th January 2022:

1) The hearing of the matters in all Courts will be through Video Conferencing only.

2) Mentioning for circulation of the matter shall be allowed through virtual mode in extremely urgent cases only with permission of the concerned Bench. It is left to each individual Bench to settle it’s board considering the priority in hearing to be given to any particular matter.

3) The Advocates shall seek circulation of their matters only by fling Praecipe through e-mail on the designated e-mail ID of the concerned Court, given herein below.

4) In case of fresh matter, the Advocate shall first file the matter, get stamp/lodging number and then move the Praecipe by mentioning said stamp/lodging number on it and setting out the urgency.

5) Filing of fresh matters will be allowed through e-fling only. However, the option of fling of fresh matters physically is permitted till 7th January 2022. The Advocates shall file fresh matters through e-fling by visiting portal.

6) E-fling of fresh matters will be allowed for all types of matters.

7) The fling of matters through e-fling is illustrated in the SOP dated 22.12.2021. The Advocates shall follow the instructions as given in the SOP for e-fling dated 22.12.2021.

8) The Advocates should NOT file their matter through e-mail on the designated e-mail address. Such fling through e-mail will not be taken cognizance of.

9) Filing of Testamentary matters physically will however be allowed notwithstanding clause 5 and 6 above.

10) No Praecipe without mentioning number of the matter will be entertained.

11) The Advocates shall also serve the Praecipe on the other side in advance.

12) All Praecipes should be sent 48 hours (excluding holidays) in advance before proposed listing of the matter. Praecipes received after stipulated time will not be responded to or will not be placed before the Hon’ble Judge. If, the matter is not listed, it is deemed that the Bench has declined circulation of the matter.

13) In the Praecipe itself, Advocates shall mention names of maximum three persons with their email ids who would attend the hearing through virtual mode. Similarly, respondents/defendants seeking to enter appearance shall intimate email ids of maximum three persons who would attend the hearing. Please note that only those persons whose emai-Ids are intimated to the Registry would be allowed to attend the hearing through virtual mode.

14) Advocates shall mention their Bar Council enrolment/registration number and Phone number and email-ID in the Praecipe

Read all the pointers here: NOTIFICATION

Bombay High Court

[Notification dt. 4-1-2022]

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