Hidayatuallh National Law University, situated in Atal Nagar, isn’t only a University; it’s a feeling and the various large words that you could use to de-copyist a sentiment of having a place, we call home. A year ago, we stood together to make this place better, and we are still working hard for it, and that is why we are making our fest bigger and better.
On the off chance, if you choose to visit us during Colossus being conducted form 28th February, 2020 to 1st March, 2020, which you must, you will witness a beautiful amalgamation of everything contemporary with roots of our culture.
HNLU welcomes you to have a magical experience with us at Colossus 2020.
Mehul Garg (Student Convenor Colossus)- 8770509878
Naman Tripathi ( HNLU IMUNC SEC. GEN)- 8770039624
Kush Jaggi (Co- Convenor)- 8319388640.
Vanshay Kaul (Sports Co- Convenor)- 81781120888.
Kritika Chandel (Co- Convenor)- 9131524014.

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