Lucknow University Cultural and Sports Committee is organising national level article writing competition.
This competition is for all the courses and all university students across India.
Topic – justice loses character if it becomes revenge( with reference to Hyderabad encounter case).
All entries shall be submitted online at titled  “Entry for Article Writing”. The mail body shall consist of Name,  College and Contact Number.
The article shall be written in English only.
Submission Deadline is 15th February at 11:59 p.m. All articles  submitted after the due deadline will not be accepted.
An article can be co-authored by a maximum of two participants.
The word limit of the article should be 1200-1500 words.
Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and will be monitored.
Guidelines for the article are as follows:
Font: Times New Roman
Font Size: 12 for body, 14 for titles
Citation: Bluebook 19th Edition
The article will be evaluated on the basis of Grammar, Understanding of topic, Expression, Research and Coherence.

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  • I want to write and take form

  • Judiciary in India although an independent organ yet it is totally dependent on Executive for appointments &salaries for its staff,court buildings &basic infrastructure. Unfortunately almost all Governments have totally neglected Judiciary to such an extent that not even a single Court in India is functioning with its full strength. What ever may the reasons behind,entire population of India is suffering due to the delay in administration of Justice in courts of law.
    Today every damn person is speaking of encounter in Hyderabad. But till date did any of these persons speak about the total number of women,young girls ,forcibly kidnapped,
    raped,murdered &thrown in isolated locations. Most of these cases are reported as missing cases &police hardly investigate into these missing cases.only when a dead body is found ,then the police try to identify the body.
    Our constitution &our laws are framed for a civilised society &not for beasts in human form.Because of these beasts several people ,especially women in India have lost almost sll their fundamental rights to survive on earth because Govts &law makers are encouraging uncivilized society by not punishing the accused.
    we request the Government to give special powers to the police to kill these beasts in Human that we can see a most civilised society in India.

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