Centre nominates Shyamala. S. Kunder and Dr Rajulben L. Desai as member of National Commission for Women

S.O. 1136(E)— In pursuance of Section 3 of the National Commission for Women Act, 1990 (20 of 1990), the Central Government hereby nominates the following as Members of the National Commission for Women:—

                        1. Smt. Shyamala. S. Kunder

                         2. Dr. Rajulben L. Desai

2. Smt. Shyamala. S. Kunder and Dr. Rajulben L. Desai shall hold office for a period of three years or till the age of 65 years or until further orders from the date of assumption of charge of the office, whichever is the earlier.

[Notification dt. 05-03-2019]

Ministry of Women and Child Development

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