3rd National Hindi Moot Court Competition, 2019

Possession that is possible advancement of their native language, because it’s our native language as well as the base of all progress. And it is not possible prevention of cardiac pain without the knowledge of the mother tongue. We arts of various types, unlimited education and a wide range of knowledge must take the course from all countries, but their promotion should be in the mother tongue.

India’s constitution adopted in 1950 as the official language of the country written in Devanagari script Hindi Article 343 of the 1950’s. Simultaneously both English and Hindi languages to the Government of India level were formally used. In 1949 adopted Hindi as the official language of India’s Constituent Assembly country. Every 1949 years on September 14 are Hindi Day.

The judicial perspective is not without Hindi relevance. Government examinations or office work Hindi would be redundant to attack imperative hindi language legal functioning of the importance of considering keeping Amity Law Institute, a third of Amity University under the auspices of 22 and 23 March 201 9 Amity national Hindi virtual court competition 201 9 (3rd Amity National Moot Court Competition -201 9) being the grand event. Competition suit personal laws of various religions to study the problem, the Indian Penal Code and other criminal laws can be read in the context Kasha that you sacrificed your efforts, all dedicated to the Hindi language from its successful participation in this academic sacrifice will.

Key Dates

  • Date of competition – 8 and 9 March 2019
  • Registration deadline – February 6, 2019
  • Smritika (Memorial) to submit the final date (hard copy and soft copy): February 18, 2019.
  • The deadline to resolve the competition concerns: 10 February 2019.

Registration fee –

? 3000 (With Accommodation)


  • Mr. Tushar Ved Saxena (teacher coordinator)
  • Ms. Pallavi (student coordinator) – 8800626073

Conversational email –Studentbarforum@gmail.com

Important Links

  •  Debate Issue (Moot Proposition)
  •  Competition Rules (Rules of Competition)
  •  Online form (for registration, click HERE
  •  Registration form and travel details (Please refer to the online Google Link ) –
  •  Link to the official Facebook event page, click HERE
  • For Moot Problem, refer Hindi Moot Problem _2019 (3)
  • For Rules and Regulations, refer RulesandRegulationSBF

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