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About the Competition

GITAM School of Law, GITAM Deemed to be University, Visakhapatnam organized the Dr. MVVS Murthi National Moot Competition on Space Law 2020. The event was organised from 5th March to 8th March 2020 at School of Law, GITAM Deemed to be University, Visakhapatnam. The sole objective of this Moot Competition was to provide the students with an opportunity to develop their interpersonal & Advocacy skills. Participation in Moot Court Competition enhances the art of researching and the oratory skills of a student while prepping the student to face the realms of a courtroom. It also aids in confidence-building. Mooting gives a practical courtroom experience to a law student. The teams contend for 4 categories of awards – Winners, Runners Up, Best Speaker and Best Memorial with Prizes ranging from INR 10,000 to 50,000.


DAY 1: Team Registration and Inaugural Ceremony

Registration (11 A.M to 1:00 P.M) – All the participants from various Law Schools across the country had flown down to Visakhapatnam and reached the college campus and were being accompanied by the hospitality committee and were allotted accommodation soon after the registration process.

Inaugural (3:00 P.M to 4:15 P.M) – Astha and Kaarvannan, final year students of GITAM School of Law had compèred the Inaugurals. It was pleasing to have students in large numbers who had registered for this Moot Court Competition. All the Faculty members of GITAM School of Law had graced the occasion. The Guests on the dais were asked to lighten up the lamp as a sign of good omen and followed by a prayer for creating a spiritual awakening.

While delivering the inaugural address of National Moot Court Competition which had been organised in memory of the Founder President of GITAM Deemed to be University Dr. MVVS Murthi, the Vice-Chancellor Professor Siva Rama Krishna, GITAM Deemed to be University stated that it is the “skill set” which makes an ordinary person to be a professional, in specific lawyers need to be refined honing the skills for the upliftment of society and cater the needs of the justice system. Vice-Chancellor extended his best wishes to all the participants of the competition by inspiring words of encouragement.

The Succeeding Speech was delivered by Professor R Anita Rao, the Director of GITAM School of Law and briefed upon the implications of an Advocacy, need for negotiation, counseling, and presentation skills which are an intricate part of the professional engagement. Professor Rao welcomed the gathering with a note of thanks to the participants who came from different parts of the country. She expressed a model draft bill on Space Law will be the outcome of the present Competition which will be submitted to PMO’s office. Further Professor Rao announced that in the future, International Moot Court Competitions will be a part of the GITAM School of Law domain.

The Guest of honour Shri MVKV Prasad, Chief Scientist, GITAM and former Director, Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE), under the DRDO, exclaimed that it is the Law fraternity which binds the society collectively, failure of which the society will result in anarchy. Sharing his International experience from Japan, Israel and other countries scientist remarked the technicalities of space technology can be estimated but the damage done by nuclear weapons is unavailable and beyond human intervention, hence it will wise for the future generation to carry research on the “LAW” (Lethal Autonomous Weapon) and thus he concluded his speech and received an exuberant applause from the audience.

To conclude with a formal vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Vardhman Panwar, Assistant Professor of Law, GITAM School of Law. And had invited the participants for a short refreshment break and also requested the teams to proceed for the draw of lots and the researcher test.

Draw of Lots/ Researcher Test (4:30 P.M to 5:00 P.M) – All the registered teams were present during the Draw of Lots and the Researcher Test, as soon after the researcher test was over the teams were being matched up against each other using the draw of lots system and all the teams got to know their contending teams for the Preliminary rounds and their memorials were being exchanged.



10:00 A.M – Judges Briefing: The judges across the sub-continent had come to witness and test the prowess of the participants.

10:40 A.M – Commencement of Preliminary Round

Courtroom no. 1:

Proceedings of Courtroom no. 1

The courtroom comprised of the Judges: Mrs. Vasundhara Ravi and Mr. D. Ashish, the first contenders of the day were D.Y Patil Law College, Navi Mumbai against RGNUL, Patiala. After the submissions of the memorials the respective counsels had put forth their arguments and Judges asked some intriguing questions in return to the counsels.

Courtroom no. 4:

As quoted by William Wycherley: “Bluster, Sputter, Question, Cavil; but be sure your argument be intricate enough to confound the court”. Team SOEL, Chennai dueled against DSNLU, Visakhapatnam as they had a heated exchange of arguments in the rebuttal session, the judges were thoroughly satisfied by the arguments put forth by both the parties.

Courtroom no. 5:

Arguments being put forth by the counsels in Courtroom no. 5

Presidency School of Law, Bangalore faced off Symbiosis Law School, Pune were the counsels of respondents had posed questions on Good faith and also added that the counsels representing the petitioners lacked strict liability. The Judges raised a question on negligence lying down on part of the counsel.

Courtroom no.6:

In this courtroom the Judge: Mrs. Delhi Chandana had demanded the petitioners NUSRL, Ranchi to define “Opinio Juris” in customary law. The respondents HNLU, Raipur had elucidated the facts further to get a clear purview.

12:00 P.M Lunch Break

After the sessions were concluded the participants alongside Judges relished upon the delicacies being served to them for lunch before getting back to another grueling session of Preliminary Round 2.

Judge for Preliminary round L.Venkateswarlu (Advocate, Visakhapatnam) being felicitated by Director, GITAM School of Law, alongside Faculty Convener L. Ashish Kumar


2:00 P.M-

Soon after a short lunch break, the Preliminary Round 2 sessions commenced and the teams were once again ready to fight back their opponents.

Courtroom no.2:

The team representing Christ School of Law, Bangalore contended against D.Y Patil College, Navi Mumbai the defendants fell short in submitting the provisions concerning their submissions. The plaintiff countered defendants with strong contentions and the defendants gave a befitting reply to the plaintiffs.

 Courtroom no.3:

The plaintiffs began to state the facts and the judges-imposed questions of the binding effect of ICJ. The defendants were questioned regarding the negligence during the misplacement or disconnection of the satellite. The teams Vels School of Law, Chennai and NUSRL, Ranchi were equally matched in terms of research and it all came down to the oral presentations.

Courtroom no. 5:

Counsel at Courtroom no. 5 arguing before the Judge.

The teams Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, and Symbiosis Law School, Pune faced off each other, the Judges were of poised opinion upon the submissions, the rebuttals and surrebuttals had put their brotherhood to test.

Courtroom no.6:

Counsels appeasing the Judges in Courtroom no. 6










HNLU, Raipur was up against SOEL, Chennai, the counsels argued that the mistake of morality can’t be vehemently termed as a mistake of law. The counsels later put forth amicable arguments in rebuttals and sur rebuttals.

3:00 P.M Declaration of Results

After the sessions got over the teams were enthralled and eagerly waiting for the results to be declared, and soon after some time the results were declared and the teams which advanced to the Quarterfinals were as follows:

  1. D.Y Patil College of Law, Navi Mumbai
  2. Symbiosis Law School, Pune
  3. Presidency School of Law, Bangalore
  4. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Patiala 
  5. Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad
  6. Hidayuttulah National Law University, Raipur
  7. Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam
  8. National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi
Interaction with the Judges


10:30 A.M Commencement of Quarterfinal Rounds

The third day witnessed the Quarterfinals between the eight teams vying for a spot in Semi-finals, where the courtroom no. 1 yet again had a face-off between the Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad and the Symbiosis Law School, Pune, where the judges questioned upon the applicability of UDHR with respect to Space Law. The Kessler’s Syndrome and Space Tourism became a subject matter of contention between the teams of DSNLU, Visakhapatnam and D.Y Patil College of Law, Navi Mumbai in the courtroom no.2. The counsels from the team Presidency School of Law, Bangalore, and HNLU, Raipur had presented their contestations based upon the Statutes of ICJ and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). Courtroom no.4 had the team NUSRL, Ranchi squared up against RGNUL, Patiala both the teams articulated pretty well and the Judges had put their legal prowess into the test, and the counsels had defended their stance equally.

1:00 P.MAnnouncement of Quarter Final Results

Out of eight teams, four made their way into the Semifinals of the competition and the teams which advanced are as follows:

  • NUSRL, Ranchi
  • HNLU, Raipur
  • Symbiosis Law School, Pune
  • DSNLU, Visakhapatnam


Semifinal 1 was judged by a bench of potent legal personalities Dr. Mathew Thomas and Mr. Ashwani Kumar, as they keenly waited for the counsels of Symbiosis Law School, Pune, and DSNLU, Visakhapatnam to propound their submissions. The counsels argued on various matters including:- Space Debris Mitigation Guidelines laid down by the UNOOSA, “Res Communis” and the Doctrine of Due Diligence. The bench was finical about each argument being put forth and were quite inquisitive towards the counsels.

Semifinal 1 adjudged by Mr. Mathew Thomas & Mr. Ashwani Kumar

Semifinal 2 presided by the Judges: Bhavani Prasad Panda & Dayananda Murthy


The Semifinal 2 gripped us with a well-established and versatile bench comprising of judges Mr. Bhavani Prasad Panda and Mr. Dayananda Murthy. The memorials and legal noesis of the teams HNLU, Raipur and NUSRL, Ranchi were scrutinised by the judges, the marrow of arguments being: Vienna Convention and Article 15 of the Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects, heightening the curiosity in the court hall. The Chanakya disaster and high seas laws were a part of the submission made by the counsels. The bench analysed the expertise of the counsels on the subject matter.

06:00 P.MSemifinal Round Results

The results for the much-awaited semi-finals were announced, and the teams which marched into the finals were:

  • Symbiosis Law School Pune
  • HNLU, Raipur


Hon’ble Justice Ch. Kodanda Ram and Hon’ble Justice D.V.S.S Somayajulu
Counsels pleading before the bench

02:00 P.M Final Rounds

The most awaited finals were between Symbiosis Law School, Pune, and HNLU, Raipur the presiding Judges for the bench were: Hon’ble Justice D.V.V.S Somayajulu, Judge, A.P High Court Amaravathi and Hon’ble Justice Kodanda Ram, Judge, High Court for the State of Telangana. As they patiently contemplated the arguments presented by the counsels. The essence of the submissions made were of standard liability ( Article 3 of Liability Convention) long term sustainability guidelines, contamination of outer space in the form of space debris( Article 9 of UNOOSA), state responsibility under International Law (Article 1), the international regulations for preventing collisions at sea ( Rule 7(3) COLREGs) also played a crucial role in deciding the liability. The counsels laid down certain precedents viz. Nagymaro case and Uganda case. The teams had stated the legal maxis, “Lex specialis derogat legi Generalis” and “Actus curiae neminem grabavit”. The bench was witty and vigorous enough in questioning the counsels throughout the session. Both the teams were equally conversant with the facts and arguments, keeping the hall engaged from the very beginning till the end.

04:00 P.MHigh Tea Break

The Judges, participants, and the spectators were being served with refreshments.

04:30 P.MValedictory Ceremony

Judges on the dais alongside Vice Chairman GITAM University and Director GITAM School of Law

As quoted by William Shakespeare “All’s well that ends well; still the fine is the crown, whate’er the course, the end is the renown”, The much-anticipated moment had come but before proceeding towards the declaration of results, the judges on dais were asked to share their wisdom along with the participants and spectators. The Vice-Chancellor Professor Siva Rama Krishna, GITAM Deemed to be University stated that whether it was winning or losing the teams had given their best shot and in the end, it is only the experience which one derives helps to thrive in his/her profession and wished all the teams success in their future endeavours. Professor R. Anita Rao, Director GITAM School of Law had thanked the Judges and the participants for their presence, Professor Rao stated that the presence of Hon’ble Justice Ch. Kodanda Ram and Justice D.V.S.S Somayajulu had appraised the moot court competition and the four days that had gone by gave a glimpse of a vibrant future. The teams across the nation have put forth their notions with noesis and vigour with emesis of new perspectives and trains of thought. Hon’ble Justice D.V.S.S Somayajulu his lordship had foregrounded the role of moot court competition and how it helps to shape a student’s career and the spectators were completely enticed by the coruscating wit yet thought-provoking speech given by his lordship. Hon’ble Justice Ch. Kodanda Ram his lordship shared his personal experiences and his perspective upon the ongoing scenario of law school teachings and how there was a rampant change within a span of two decades and how efficient the law schools have become to mould bright students who serve the society and wished the participants and the students a successful career ahead.

05:00 P.MAnnouncement of Results

The hall was filled with silence and delirium in anticipation of the results, both the teams were anxious to know the results, and finally, the silence was broken and the results announced were as follows:


Winners HNLU, Raipur

Runner’s Up

Runner’s Up – Symbiosis Law School, Pune

Best Memorial – DSNLU, Visakhapatnam

Best Speaker – DSNLU, Visakhapatnam

Best Researcher – Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

05:30 P.MVote of Thanks

Vote of Thanks by Faculty Convener

Faculty Convener L. Ashish Kumar, Assistant Professor, GITAM School of Law had addressed the gathering with a vote of thanks, he professed his heartfelt gratitude to each and every individual involved towards the grand success of the event and congratulated the teams for their participation.



Reported by:

C. Balaji,

A. Greeshma,

Member, Moot Court Committee,

GITAM School of Law,

GITAM Deemed to be University, Visakhapatnam

Law School NewsMoot Court Announcements

Possession that is possible advancement of their native language, because it’s our native language as well as the base of all progress. And it is not possible prevention of cardiac pain without the knowledge of the mother tongue. We arts of various types, unlimited education and a wide range of knowledge must take the course from all countries, but their promotion should be in the mother tongue.

India’s constitution adopted in 1950 as the official language of the country written in Devanagari script Hindi Article 343 of the 1950’s. Simultaneously both English and Hindi languages to the Government of India level were formally used. In 1949 adopted Hindi as the official language of India’s Constituent Assembly country. Every 1949 years on September 14 are Hindi Day.

The judicial perspective is not without Hindi relevance. Government examinations or office work Hindi would be redundant to attack imperative hindi language legal functioning of the importance of considering keeping Amity Law Institute, a third of Amity University under the auspices of 22 and 23 March 201 9 Amity national Hindi virtual court competition 201 9 (3rd Amity National Moot Court Competition -201 9) being the grand event. Competition suit personal laws of various religions to study the problem, the Indian Penal Code and other criminal laws can be read in the context Kasha that you sacrificed your efforts, all dedicated to the Hindi language from its successful participation in this academic sacrifice will.

Key Dates

  • Date of competition – 8 and 9 March 2019
  • Registration deadline – February 6, 2019
  • Smritika (Memorial) to submit the final date (hard copy and soft copy): February 18, 2019.
  • The deadline to resolve the competition concerns: 10 February 2019.

Registration fee –

? 3000 (With Accommodation)


  • Mr. Tushar Ved Saxena (teacher coordinator)
  • Ms. Pallavi (student coordinator) – 8800626073

Conversational email –

Important Links

  •  Debate Issue (Moot Proposition)
  •  Competition Rules (Rules of Competition)
  •  Online form (for registration, click HERE
  •  Registration form and travel details (Please refer to the online Google Link ) –
  •  Link to the official Facebook event page, click HERE
  • For Moot Problem, refer Hindi Moot Problem _2019 (3)
  • For Rules and Regulations, refer RulesandRegulationSBF
Law School NewsMoot Court Announcements

ILS Pune is organising Remembering S.P. Sathe: The 13th National Moot Court Competition, 2018-19 from 7th-9th March, 2019.

This Year’s theme for Remembering S.P. Sathe events is – “Taxation laws”

Taxation is perceived as a vast and highly complex subject and majority of students studying law dread studying Taxation laws. Further, reluctance in taking up taxation as their areas of practice is pertinent. Consequentially, the practice of taxation is restricted to a small number of advocates even though taxations laws are one of the most extensively applicable laws in India. In order for the country to witness good taxation legal practitioners in future, it is imperative that the students are allowed a platform to understand and learn these vast and complex laws.

This Moot aims at allowing the students with an opportunity to study the niceties of the subject and acquaint themselves with the ambiguities in policies and rules pertaining to taxation through an intersection of constitutional law provisions. It also aims at encouraging academic creativity for challenging the existing gaps in the laws and rules with regard to the taxation policies and their implementation. This will help the students to appreciate the niceties of the subject and in our most humble belief, would also kindle interest in the minds of students to take up further study or research or practice in taxation laws.

For more details, refer 13th-National-Moot-Court-Competition-2018-19

Law School NewsMoot Court Announcements

SGT University, Faculty of Law, Gurgaon has announced its 5th National Moot Court Competition SGTU (NMCC), 2019.
Venue: SGT University, Faculty of Law, Gurgaon.

Eligibility : Students of 5 years integrated law degree programme & 3 years law degree programme studying in Colleges/Universities, approved by the Bar Council of India, are eligible to participate in the moot court competition.

Registration: All participating institutions shall register by sending soft copy of the duly filled registration form along with a scanned copy of a demand draft via an email to

Date: Registration shall close on 15.01.2019.


All queries, clarifications/ information- requests must be directed to email ID:, Mobile Number: +91-9599811955,+91-7042932533.
For moot problem, rules and registration, refer SGT-5-NMCC 2019
Live Blogging

DAY 2 

The flagship event of our college, the journey which we embarked upon, comes to an end. The third National Moot Court Competition is officially closed. 

Throughout this journey, we got a lot to take back, a lot to remember and a lot to be proud of. It was indeed a bumpy ride but in the end, the hard work did pay off. 

Kudos to all the participants. Kudos to all the volunteers who have worked day and night for this event. Kudos to the MCA who made sure that this event functions smoothly. And finally, Kudos to Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. 

This is the blogging team, signing off! Until next time.

Team Members– Ananya Rajaram, Vidhan Dubey, Ashwin Nambiar, Faaiz Irfan, Parth Saluja, Kevin Jayaraj, Tarun Srigiriraju, Siddartha Mitra, Pratyusha Ganesh, Sulagna Dutta, Monalisa, Dipshika and Priyanka Talwar.




Reads suggested by the guest of honor and the hon’ble chief guest:


  • Partition of India – Legend and Reality by Seervai.
  • Kashmir beyond terrorism by Salman Kushe.
  • 7 Habits of the most successful people by Stephen.
  • You can win by Shiv Khera.


Inspirational Quotes used by the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor to motivate students:


  • Unless you sharpen your mind, your mind will become rusty.
  • Genius is admired, wealthy is envied, power is feared and character is trusted.
  • Worry ends where faith begins.
  • Your attitude decides your altitude.
  • Endure difficult times- Life is not a bed of roses.
  • A quitter will never win and a winner will never quit



Winner- Sastra University

Best memo- Symbiosis Law School Noida

1 Runner up- UPES Dehradun

2nd runner up- Symbiosis Law School Noida

Best speaker- Rishab Suppal SLS Noida


                       Varsha Singh Christ University


6:00 pm- Ms. Ambrina Khan delivers the vote of thanks and congratulates all the teams for their enthusiastic participation.




5:45 pm- Prize distribution begins. And the results are out!!!


5:40 pm- The Hon’ble Justice V. Ramasubramanian takes valuable time out, to elucidate on the Moot problem and in due course gives valuable advice on how to tackle future moot problems.


5:37 pm- “The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence” – Dalai Lama as quoted by Justice V. Ramasubramanian.


5:33 pm- The Justice appreciates and applauds the Legal Drama, “The Good, The Bad and…. The Divine?” and advises the students to read the book titled, “The Hindu view of Life” by Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.


5:28 pm- The importance of wit is clearly demonstrated by Justice V. Ramasubramanian as he continues to enlighten the audience with rib tickling anecdotes.

Pic – Hon’ble Justice V. Ramasubramanian



5:23 pm- “What is success in life today, need not be success tomorrow.” – Hon’ble Justice V. Ramasubramanian.


5:20 pm- The Chief Guest, the Hon’ble Justice V. Ramasubramanian, starts his speech by making witty comments and brings the atmosphere to a cheery mood.


5:18 pm- Mr. Bulusu concludes his address by wishing all the budding lawyers, Good Luck.


5:14 pm- Mr. Bulusu takes the example of Mahatma Gandhi, and talks of Gandhi’s evolution in oration from being a lawyer in South Africa to becoming the Father of the Nation and leading the Independence movement.


5:07 pm- Mr. Bulusu advises the students on learning the art of using legal language appropriately, he says this can only be achieved by making a habit of reading judgments.


5:04 pm- Mr. Sampath Bulusu quotes Justice ‘Abbot Parry’’s “Seven Lamps of Advocacy” – (i) Honesty (ii) Courage (iii) Industry (iv) Wit (v) Eloquence, (vi) Judgment and (vii) Fellowship.


5:00 pm- “When you lose, you don’t lose anything, in fact you gain in experience.” – Mr.Sampath Bulusu


4:58 pm- The audience listen as Mr.Bulusu recollects his days at his Alma mater.


4:56 pm- The Guest of Honour, Mr. Sampath Bulusu, takes the podium.


4:54 pm- The Guest of Honour, Mr. Supratim Chakraborty, is invited to deliver a speech.


4:50 pm- The Officiating Director delivers a speech and welcomes the Guests.


4:49 pm- The Chief Guest and the Guests of Honour are being felicitated by the Officiating Director.


The Valedictory Begins!


The Drama comes to an end with uncontrolled applause.


4:30 pm- The drama brings in a new definition to secularism.


4:28 pm- Scene 4 takes a serious turn with the protagonist impressing the audience with his monologue


4:24 pm- The lawyers arguments at the end of the third scene, made the crowd hungry for more.


4:15 pm- The attention to detail in scene three is impressive which was loved by both the faculty and the audience alike.


4:05 pm- Scene two’s colour scheme did the trick, which really got the crowd going.

3:59 pm- Scene 1 continues with the arrival of Narayan, the great messenger.


3:53 pm- The first scene’s starts on a high with the audience enjoying every minute of it.


3:50 pm- The play starts off with an encouraging applause from the crowd.


DISCLAIMER: All characters portrayed in the play are purely fictional. Any resemblance to any character whether living, dead, or mythological is purely co-incidental.


Alfred Hitchcock once said “What is drama but life with the dull bits cut out.”

The Mad Hatters (drama troupe) in this year’s National Moot Court Competition valedictory ceremony is set to present their awe inspiring performance in the satire, The Good, The Bad and …..The Divine?

Make yourselves comfortable because you’re in for a heavenly ride!!!



As the participants stand and gaze at the beautiful trophy, they wait in anticipation for the results. What will the verdict be? Stay tuned to find out. 





3:07 pm- The Judge lightens up the mood in the auditorium by making a light-hearten joke


3:05 pm- The rebuttals by the counsel for the respondents is in full swing.


3:02 pm- The Counsel for the Petitioners have ended their rebuttal round.


2:59 pm- The Judges request the parties to keep their rebuttals specific and concise, and not to hammer on the same point twice.


2:57 pm- The co-counsel of the respondents moves onto the Prayer. The Rebuttal Round begins!!!


2:54 pm- The co-counsel moves onto the fourth issue.


2:50 pm- The Judges warn the co-counsel of the respondents as she walks into murkier territory.


2:46 pm- The counsel from the respondent’s side flips through the pages as she tries to answer the questions raised by the Hon’ble Bench.


2:44 pm- The researcher for the respondent looks flustered, trying to support the co-counsel’s arguments constantly.


2:43 pm- The arguments of the co-counsel seem to be going in a somewhat flawless manner until now as the Judges nod in agreement.


2:42 pm- The co-counsel approaches the dais and addresses the third issue.


2:40 pm-  The Honourable Judges ask the respondents’ counsel to sum up her arguments as she falls short of time.


2:38 pm- The judges feel that the counsel on behalf of the respondent is beating around the bush and ask her to address the point of controversy.


2:36 pm- The first year students are engrossed as they witness the final proceedings of this flagship event.


Pic-  The Lordships 


2:25 pm- The MCA members are on high alert as they pay heed to not only the hearing which is going on but also to the smooth functioning of the event.


2:21 pm- The counsel representing the respondent, clarifies the doubts of the Hon’ble Bench by citing Puttuswamy’s case.


2:17 pm-  The counsel for the respondents begins her arguments by addressing the first issue.


2:16 pm- The co-counsel moves on to the prayer and rests her case.


2:14 pm- The co-counsel seeks an extension of two minutes. It is granted!


2:11 pm- The co-counsel rushes through her arguments, as only two minutes are remaining on the clock.

Pic- And it goes down!!!!


2:07 pm- The judges draw the second counsel’s attention to one of the sections that the petitioners have used in the case, by reading it out loud, which clearly shows their dissatisfaction towards the usage of the section in the present scenario.


2:00 pm- The judge is asking the relevancy of the co-counsel’s assertions.


1:56 pm- The second counsel from the petitioner’s side contends that the data protection laws in the country are insufficient.


1:53 pm- The second counsel from the petitioners seeks permission to approach the dais.

Pic- The first counsel for the Petitioners


1:51 pm- The Judge asks the first counsel for the petitioner to wrap up as soon as possible as she has run out of time.


1:49 pm- The judge is not satisfied with the answer. The Hon’ble judge does not feel that the counsel has answered his question.

1:46 pm- The Hon’ble Judges ask the counsel to read a specific clause from a statute and raise concerns over their conformity to it.


1:45 pm- The Counsel refers to the contract entered into by the parties to strengthen her argument. The Judges disagree and cite a law but the counsel claims the law itself to be unconstitutional.


1:44 pm- The judges allow the counsel to proceed to the next issue and she starts advancing the arguments. 


1:43 pm- The judges raised an interesting point regarding the procedures laid down in the Criminal Procedural Code.


1:41 pm- The judges just raised a concern over the last point by referring to a case law.


1:40 pm- The counsel for the petitioner is answering the judges’ questions satisfactorily, but the judges don’t seem to be convinced.


1:37 pm- The Judges seek clarification as they are not convinced and ask the counsel to elaborate more on the point of controversy.


1:34 pm- The Hon’ble Judge has just put forth a question regarding certain discrepancies in the memorial.


1:32 pm- The counsel for the petitioner moves onto to her issues with ease and makes sure that her arguments are delivered smoothly.


1:31 pm- The counsel seems to be well versed with the facts as she starts speaking.


1:30 pm- The counsel from the petitioner’s side seeks permission to approach the dais and starts her submissions.

1:29 pm- The Court room masters reads out the rules to be followed during the proceedings for one last time!


1:28 pm- The Judges have arrived in the grand auditorium of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad and they are being seated.


1:25 pm- The time has come! The stage is set for the final showdown and the competitors are ready to look the enemy in the eyes with lock, stock and two smoking barrels. Suit up! because this is going to be LEGEN..wait for it…DARY!!! 


The Semi-finals come to an end as two teams out of the thirty that came, qualify for the finals. The finals are scheduled in the colossal auditorium and will begin after lunch.


11:45 am– The intense and enjoyable argumentative semifinal round with both the parties presenting their rebuttals comes to an end in the Assembly Hall.


11:40 am- With the rebuttals getting over, the Semi Final round comes to an end in the Moot Court Hall!


11:35 am- Moot Court Hall- The petitioners have taken the respondents by surprise as they point out a major flaw in their arguments.


Pic- Tension builds as the rebuttals begin in both the court rooms.


11:24 am- Moot Court Hall- The counsel for the respondents is easily handling the questions raised by the bench. The Judges seem to be quite impressed by her answers.


11:20 am- Assembly Hall- The counsel finally gets to proceed and now addresses the third issue. Meanwhile, the petitioners seem to be well prepared with their rebuttals.


11:12 am- Assembly Hall- The remaining arguments are taken up and continued confidently by the co-counsel for the respondents.


11:10 am- Assembly Hall- The arguments seem to have become interesting enough to continue for half an hour straight. The teams in the semi-final round seem to be quite skilled indeed.


11:06 am- Moot Court Hall- The second counsel from the respondents’ side approaches the podium and advances the arguments for the remaining issues.


11:02 am- Assembly Hall- Time’s up! The counsel for the respondents looks at the bench and asks for time extension which is granted to him. However, he still doesn’t seem to clarify the questions raised by the bench.


10:59 am- Moot Court Hall- The judges lighten the mood by sharing a moment of laughter with the participants.


10:55 am- Moot Court Hall- The counsel for the respondents delivers the arguments in a smooth and composed manner.


10:54 am- Assembly Hall- The Counsel for the respondents continues his arguments smoothly. He is being questioned frequently but he easily answers them. Good research and coordination help him through it.


The Shawarma Corner seems to be getting good reviews, the President of the Student Council of the college personally recommends this food stall.


10:44 am- Assembly Hall- The 1st speaker for the respondents approach the podium as the petitioners await in bated breath for the rebuttal round to annihilate the respondents’ case.


10:42 am- Moot Court Hall- The Judges have engrossed themselves in looking through the nitty gritties of the respondent’s submission before they proceed to the oral arguments.


10:40 am- Moot Court Hall- The counsel for the respondent approaches the podium and starts with her oral submissions with the Judges carefully listening to the same.


10:38 am- Assembly Hall- The counsel from the respondents’ side approaches the dais now.


10:35 am- Moot Court Hall- The counsel from the petitioners’ side tries to argue with plain logic, to which the judges respond by asking him to stick to the legal submissions.


10:32 am- Moot Court Hall- The counsel for the petitioner loses his confidence, making it harder for him to deliver his arguments.


10:30 am- Assembly Hall- There seems to be a volley of questions asked by the judges to the counsel for the petitioners. The judges don’t seem to be giving any room to breathe, yet the petitioners are bravely and calmly fighting their way out of it.


10:19 am- Assembly Hall- The counsels for the petitioner seem to be confidently deliver his arguments, and their justifications seem to be on point.


10:17 am- Moot Court Hall- The team representing the petitioners’ side seem to have a great amount of coordination. The researchers don’t have a lot to contribute in the oral submissions but this doesn’t seem to be the case here.


10:12 am- Moot Court Hall – The judges ask a series of questions to the counsel for the petitioners, making it difficult for the counsel to answer.


10:09 am- Assembly Hall – The counsel for the petitioner in course of delivering the arguments requests the judges for a time extension.


10:02 am- Assembly Hall – The counsel seems to have all the correct answers as she successfully dodges the questions fired at her by the Judges. Although, she is humble and polite in her tone, she is firm in her arguments.


10:00 am- Assembly Hall – The Judges’s questions seem to be satisfactorily answered by the counsel for the petitioner.


9:54 am- Moot Court Hall – The tone of the counsel does not seem to be appealing to the judges. However, the researcher extends a helping hand by passing a note to the speaker.


9:50 am- Moot Court Hall – The pleadings have begun with the counsel for the petitioner confidently approaching the dais, ready to deliver the arguments.


9:45 am- The judges have arrived in their respective courtrooms, and the semi-finals of this year’s NMCC has officially begun.


9:30 am- The campus has sprung into action again and it does not feel like a Sunday at all!! The Judges have been briefed and they now proceed to the Moot Court Hall for the Semi-Final round.


Pic- The stage is set!


9:15 am – Top of the morning to you! Another day and the battle continues. We are back today with more live updates. As the second and the final day begins, and four teams remain standing as they battle it out to the top. We hope they’ve got what it takes to take home the coveted trophy. So, participants and readers, buckle up as it is going to be a bumpy ride.


DAY 1 

We at Symbiosis Hyderabad, bid you adieu until it be morrow. Goodnight!!!


It has been an eventful day, here at Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, and yet the excitement and enthusiasm are abundantly felt in the atmosphere. We have witnessed budding lawyers exhibit their talent. It is very promising, to say the least.


With this, we reach the end of the Quarter-finals.


8:45 pm- Room 4- The judges start scoring and the session ends.


8:38 pm- Room 4- The last courtroom left to conclude its’ session, after which the Quarterfinals round officially end.


8:29 pm- Room 4- Time is almost up, and the counsel for the respondent wraps up her arguments.


8:21 pm- Room 1- The respondents wrap up. As the Judges now score the participants, the session ends in Court Room 1.


8:14 pm- Room 4- The co-counsel for the respondent starts by clarifying some of the grey areas left by the counsel for the respondent and then moves to her part of the pleadings.


8:13 pm- Room 1- With only a couple of minutes remaining on the clock, the counsel for the respondent is far from completing her arguments.


8:09 pm- Room 3- Rebuttal round begins, with the counsel of the Petitioner pointing out the discrepancies in the arguments of the Counsel for the Respondent.


8:05 pm- Room 2- Research is everything when it comes to tackling tricky questions that participants often face in Moot Court competitions. And the Counsel of the respondent seems to understand this clearly as she answers every question and brings out her arguments, the judges take note of this.


8:00 pm- Room 4- The counsel for the respondent fails to substantiate his arguments, this disappoints the Judges.


7:58 pm- Room 2- The judges question the second counsel on behalf of the respondent, his confidence shows as he handles the questions brilliantly.


7:51 pm- Room 1- The counsel for the respondent was able to substantiate the arguments put forward, thereby satisfying the judges.


7:49 pm- Room 2- The counsels for the respondents are making formidable arguments which seem to impress the judges.


7:46 pm- Room 4- Noticing the lack of time, the judges order the plaintiffs to rush through the remainder of their arguments.


7:44 pm- Room 4- The judges seem to make it very difficult for the co-counsel on behalf of the petitioner to proceed as a barrage of questions is directed at him.


7:40 pm- Room 2- The first Counsel for the Respondents now begins his arguments.


7:35 pm- Room 3- The researcher on behalf of the petitioner is playing a major role in delivering strong arguments and answering tough questions by constantly sending chits to the counsel at the dais.


7:30 pm- Room 2- The Petitioners have exhausted their time, and the Judges are yet to be satisfied with their arguments. On request, a time extension is granted.


7:25 pm- Room 4- The Petitioner is very confident and affirming with her arguments, this seems to impress the judges.


7:20 pm- Room 1- The judge asks a tricky question which confuses the Counsel. However, she sails through it, with just a few minutes left on the clock.


7:15 pm- Room 2- The Judges start asking a series of questions to the counsel on behalf of the petitioner, who answers with unparalleled confidence.


7:07 pm- The Petitioners begin with their respective arguments in all the courtrooms.


7:05 pm- The judges have arrived and the proceedings are officially underway.


6:50 pm- The participants are seated in their respective courtrooms and are all set to battle it out in the Quarter-finals as they wait in anticipation, going over the finer points of their arguments.


6:40 pm- The judges are currently being briefed, after which the Quarter Finals will commence.


6:30 pm- The memorials have been exchanged and the draw of lots comes to an end.


6:25 pm- The results are out and the draw of lots have begun.


6:20 pm- We are back.


6:05 pm-  As we wait for the results that determine the teams that move onto the Quarter-finals, the blog team takes a short interval. We will be back with fresh updates. Stay tuned.


5:42 pm-  The verdict says that if you are going for the Mojito then do not hesitate to spend an extra Rs.10 to get Sprite instead of plain soda.

5:32 pm- Do not miss the Cinnamon Rolls and Ice Cream from the Spitfire stall for dessert. The Fires serve to be a lip-smacking appetizer.


5:24 pm-  Seems like the must at the Kolkata Quick Rolls is the Spicy Chicken Roll and the Kebab Roll. For all the Herbivores out there fret not, for we have the Baby Corn Roll.


5:07 pm- The popular recommendation for Govind’s Dosa seems to be The Pizza Dosa. You could also satisfy your taste buds with the simple Butter Masala Dosa.

4:55 pm– We have The Kingz Landing, BBQ Spitfire, Kolkata Rolls, Govind Dosa, Whatta Waffle and Shawarma Corner on campus today.


Pic – The sun is finally out! As it brightly shines over our beautiful campus, the blogging team goes out to get you a first-hand review on the range of food options we have in store for you.


4:22 pm- As the final installment of the Prelims reaches its’ culmination, the participants move towards the “Mahabhojanalay” to refuel. Stay tuned to know what’s on the menu.


Pic- The game is on.


4:07 pm- Room 1 – The last few arguments are being put forth by the defendants before the time runs out.


4:01 pm- Room 1 – While initially the Respondents seemed to be in control of the courtroom, with questions repeatedly raised by the Hon’ble Bench, it seems like the tables could turn.


3:58 pm- Room 14 – The heat turns up as the rebuttals commence, the petitioners’ 60 seconds are up.


3:52 pm- Room 1 – The Judges raise some concerns for the terminology used by the petitioners’ side. This attempt to make a point backfires at them.


3:50 pm- Room 14 – The second speaker of the respondents seems to be much more active compared to the first speaker, answering all the judges’ questions with ease.


3:45 pm- Room 14 – The counsel from the respondents’ side is not getting any time to breathe. He is being completely gutted with arguments.


Pic- Preparing for the Rebuttals.


3:30 pm- Room 6 – The first speaker on behalf of the respondent speaks uninterrupted as she denies the claim of the petitioner and justifies the stand of the respondent.


3:26 pm- Room 14 – The researcher for the petitioner seems to be the backbone of the team, working tirelessly to ensure the delivery of strong arguments and answering of tough questions.


Pic- Tension in the air?


3: 19 pm- Room 13 – The proceedings are well underway with the judges asking a series of questions, and the counsel on behalf of the petitioners responds to them while being fiercely volatile coupled unparalleled confidence which seems to have put the respondents in a nervous breakdown of thoughts. This team has the potential to make it to the finals or walk away home with the shining trophy. Clearly, they seem to be trained by the best.

3:17 pm- Room 8 – The judges grill the first speaker but she successfully dodges them. Confidence, well preparedness and a calm mind come to her rescue.


3:13 pm- Room 6 – The second speaker from the petitioners’ side continues with the arguments in an assertive tone. He faces questions thrown towards him by the bench, answering them quite patiently.


3:10 pm- Room 6 – Uninterrupted by the bench throughout his arguments, the counsel for the petitioner calls for his Co-counsel to submit his arguments dealing with the remaining issues.


Pic- And so it begins… the second installment of mooting for today.


2:58 pm- Room 5 – The judges seem to have caught on to an argument put forth by the Petitioner, and that has opened a Pandora’s box of questions.


2:53 pm- Room 6 – The counsel from the petitioners’ side seeks permission to approach the dais and is granted the same. He proceeds on a confident note with the arguments as the Judges are already familiar with the statement of facts.


2:44 pm- Round 2 of the Prelims begin as the judges arrive and the courtroom master reads out the rules of functioning of the Court Proceedings across Court Rooms.


2:40 pm- The sky seems to have cleared. A bit of sun helps in brightening up the atmosphere in the courtrooms as not much time is left before Prelims Round 2 begins.


2:30 pm- The Participants wait in anticipation for the second round of Prelims to start.


Hello everyone, the blogging team is back at it with a fresh set of updates.


As the Judges and the Participants break for lunch, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors.


1:59 pm- With this the first round of the big day comes to an end with triumphant success. As we mark the end of the Prelims Round 1, we can undoubtedly say that the participants have illustrated that when someone puts a gun to your head, you can either take the gun, call their bluff or do any of the hundred and forty-six other things.


1:30 pm- Weather Update- Mild showers are expected this afternoon. Keep your umbrellas handy.


1:17 pm- Room 1 – The first counsel from the respondents’ side approaches the dais confidently. She is well mannered and gets done with the formalities flawlessly. However, her submissions face a plethora of questions. She answers questions but seems to get a little flustered.


PicMr Supratim Chakraborty, Partner, Khaitan & Co, speaking during the Judges’ briefing.


1:00 pm- Room 12 – It seems that the counsel for the petitioner is short on time, but manages to complete the arguments.


12:58 pm- Room 8 – The second speaker asks for permission to approach the podium and is greeted by a volley of questions as soon as she starts her submissions. The Judges don’t seem to be convinced with her answers.


12:50 pm- Room 1 – The Judges seem to be very impressed with the arguments of the counsel from the petitioner’s side.


12:45 pm- Room 12 – The first counsel from the petitioner’s side has a good command over her arguments. She seems to be in control of the situation from the start. The Judges and the respondents are completely in tune with her arguments.


12:35 pm- Room 11The proceedings have commenced. The first counsel representing the Petitioners starts her oral submissions. Arguments of the petitioners seem to be structured in a persuasive manner. The judges then interject with a series of questions. The counsel tries to reply to these questions confidently. The judges seem to have caught the petitioners off guard.


12:28 pm- The Judges have arrived in their respective courtrooms and the proceedings have begun.


12:26 pm- The preliminary round for the 3rd National Moot Court Competition is about to commence with 30 Teams participating in the flagship event. Participants have taken their position in their respective courtrooms, waiting for the judges to arrive.


Pic– Briefing of Judges.


11:25 am- The judges are being briefed by the Moot Court Association of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.


10:59 am- As the ceremony comes to an end, we see the mighty trophies shine in all their glory, and the participants wait in anticipation to take them home.


10:56 am- The Third Annual National Moot Court Competition is now officially open with the BANG of the Gavel!


10:53 am- Ms Ambrina Khan addresses the gathering and conveys her regards to the honourable chief guests for their inspirational speech.


10:49 am- The Dignitaries are being felicitated by the Officiating Director.


10:44 am- He concludes his speech with an ending quote: “Every king was once a helpless baby, every mighty ocean was once a ripple, and every great structure was once a blueprint. It is not where you are today, it is where you are going that counts”


10:39 am- The Justice reminds the participants to maintain a good character, emphasising on the need for students to be chiselled and crafted into a statue through hardworking and perseverance.


10:34 am- “A quitter will never win, a winner will never quit”- Hon’ble Justice C. V. Nagarjuna Reddy. This evokes confidence in the participants.


10: 26 am- “What makes an accomplished lawyer is the one who has three fundamental qualities—accumulation and updating of knowledge, acquiring skills of the drafting of pleadings artistically, presentation of the case; articulation, body language, voice moderation.” – Hon’ble Justice C. V. Nagarjuna Reddy.


10:23 am- The Guest of Honour wishes the participants all the best and instills a sense of confidence in them.

You can also catch a live version of the speech on TV 5 on your televisions.


10:13 am- As he speaks on the contemporary issues of our country, the audience’s interest is piqued.


10:09 am- Following the speech of the Officiating Director, the Guest of Honour Prof (Dr.) S. Surya Prakash takes the podium.


10:03 am- The Officiating Director of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad, Dr Sukhvinder Singh Dari addresses the gathering.


10:00 am- Meanwhile, the ceremony awaits the arrival of the rest of the Honourable dignitaries.


9:57 am- The audience is being indulged with the trailer for the upcoming drama titled, “The Good, The Bad and…. The Divine?”


9:50 am- The Guest of honour for the day is Prof (Dr.) S. Surya Prakash (VC, MNLU, Aurangabad). We are elated to be in the esteemed presence of Hon’ble Justice C. V. Nagarjuna Reddy (HC of Judicature of Hyderabad).


9:45 am- The inaugural ceremony is all set to commence.


9:30 am- As the first ray of sun hits the Symbi empire, the judges arrive and take their seats. The day officially begins!!!


Registration Day

5:30 pm- The final lot is picked and the air streams with steely determination as the participants march out. With this, the sun sets on the Symbi battleground. See you when the sunflowers bloom. Blogging team of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad is here at a routine overhaul to keep you posted with the latest updates as the event proceeds.


5:23 pm- The memorial exchange for the preliminary round 1 has ended and round 2 has commenced.


4:50 pm – All the participants have arrived full of apprehension and are in full ardour for the draw of lots. The tension in the air builds as the officiating director of SLSH officially commences the first lot. As the organizing team delves into the final checklist, there is a mixed expression of confidence and excitement visible in the eyes of the participants.


3:00 pm – Viva la Vida world! As the Supreme Court marks the end of an era in Kerala, Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad embarks upon a Journey. The Journey, that is the 3rd National Moot Court Competition. With the registrations, we mark the inception of this much-awaited affair in Symbi Hyderabad. So, march on you storm troopers, “May the force be with you”.

Law School NewsMoot Court Announcements

It is our pleasure to announce that the 8th edition of the Institute of Law, Nirma University-National Moot Court Competition (8th ILNU-NMCC), 2018 hosted by the Institute of Law, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is scheduled to be held from August 31st – 02nd September, 2018. This year the competition is grandeur as it is organized in association with the Competition Commission of India. The Moot Court Organizing Committee, ILNU is pleased to invite team from your esteemed institution to participate in this eulogized moot court competition.

We are delighted to announce that we have also associated with Gaggar and Partners, one of the most renowned law firms of the country in the field of Competition Law, as organizing partners of the competition. We are also pleased to announce that we have also associated with SCC Online and Eastern Book Company as the Exclusive Official Knowledge Partner of the Competition. Further, we are also honoured that The SCC Online blog will be our official Media Partner and Practical Lawyer will be the Magazine Partner for the competition.

Team Composition & Eligibility: All teams shall consist of a maximum of three participants (two members designated as ‘Speaker’ and one member designated as ‘Researcher’), enrolled as full-time L.L.B. students (both 3 year and 5 year programme) in the law school they represent at the time of the Competition. No person enrolled in a postgraduate law programme may act as a team member.

Theme: The problem for this edition of the moot is based on Competition Law and Constitutional Law.

Prizes: Prizes worth Rs. 1.5 lakh and the top two teams will also secure 1 month internship at Gaggar and Partners, New Delhi.

ScheduleOpening of Registration: June 26th, 2018

Release of the Moot Problem: June 30th, 2018

Last date of Submission of Memorials: August 20th, 2018

Oral Rounds: August 31st to September 02nd, 2018

Please find attached relevant details about the event:


Moot Proposition:


Registration Form:

Travel Form:–hXYbXnrqQoX3IkrnLM5R

Contact: For any information kindly contact Moot Court Organizing Committee or call:

· Sourabh Pancholi (Student Convener): 9574010989

· Aayush Kothari (Student Co-Convener): 7698486827