GNLU announces Training Programme in Law and Society

Gujarat National Law University is a Research Based Teaching University and in its commitment to provide world class legal education and all round development of the students, it offers various diploma and certificate courses, besides workshops and training programmes in different areas of law and allied fields. It has always been on the forefront of organizing training for students to enable them to move beyond the mere text of books and understand the real and practical implications of what they read. In pursuit of this endeavour, GNLU is offering Training Programme in Law and Society to be conducted from 21st – 23rd July, 2017.

Sociology is an important subject for legal studies, which is why it features as a compulsory subject in all five year law schools in India. It is necessary to study the interface of law and the various other social institutions related to it to measure its effectiveness. Learning the role of legal system from various perspectives aids in sensitization and provides a fresh outlook to legal provisions. This, coupled with the knowledge of systematic patterns in the use and consequences of law, only hones the legal skills. For this purpose, this course serves as great value addition for students as well as others in the legal profession.

The Resource Person for this course is Mr. Saurabh Anand, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director, GNLU Centre of Law and Society. The participants are from varied background, i.e. advocates, faculties, law officers, students etc. There shall be other resource persons from academia, law firms, NGOs who will also be teaching in this training programme.

The course emphasizes the relationship between the internal logic of legal devices and economic, political and social processes. Emphasis is placed upon developing a perspective which views law as a practical resource, a mechanism for handling the widest range of unspecified social issues, problems, and conflicts, and at the same time, as a set of shared representations and aspirations. The students will learn to examine the role of the legal system and specific legal issues from the perspectives of the social sciences and humanities. A set of topics has been selected to develop understanding of the situational and systemic demands within which actors in the legal system operate and perform their roles; at the same time, we will try to discover systematic patterns in the uses and consequences of law.

This course aims to achieve a unique teaching methodology, rising beyond mere classroom lessons. It shall rely on documentaries and case studies and further engage students in group activities to keep them invigorated and alert. A field trip is also planned to give the participants some hands on experience with the topic.

For any further information, you may contact Mr. Saurabh Anand, Assistant Professor of Sociology and Director- GNLU Centre for Law & Society on 09924776900 or

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