bail to police officer

Supreme Court: In a bail application filed by a police officer accused of killing his wife within 11 months of marriage, the division bench of Hrishikesh Roy and Prashant Kumar Mishra, JJ. has granted him bail, taking note that as per the Forensic Science Laboratory report, the writing in the death note is of the wife and she has clearly not blamed her husband for her suicide.

The Court also noted that chargesheet has been filed on 23-08-2023 and the Trial is yet to be started.

Further, the Complainant and the State had argued that husband is the police officer and is working in the same police station where the case is registered. They argued that witnesses can be influenced. They also argued that the writing in the death note is different and is given under cryptic circumstances. As per the panchnama, the husband gave the death note at night to police when the incident happened early in the morning.

Justice Mishra orally remarked that “just because he is a police officer, does not mean he cannot be granted bail. We have to see it through the circumstances. Chargesheet is filed already. You don’t need him”.

The Court also directed the Trial Court to issue as relevant conditions as possible to ensure that witnesses are not being influenced by the accused police officer.

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