Bihar Biological Diversity (Amendment) Rules, 2021 extends tenure of Biodiversity Management Committees till tenure of Government Advisory Committees

The Government of Bihar has notified the Bihar Biological Diversity (Amendment) Rules, 2021 vide notification dated December 9, 2021, to further amend the Bihar Biological Diversity Rules 2017.

The Rule 25 of Bihar Biological Diversity (Amendment) Rules, 2021 is amended which deals with constitution of Biodiversity Management Committees in which the following sub-rule has been inserted:

“25(1)(ka) on the expiry of tenure of the local bodies, the tenure of the Biodiversity Management Committees shall be extended till the tenure of the Advisory Committees, constituted by the Government for discharging the function of local bodies.”

The Biodiversity Management Committee is responsible for preparation of People’s Biodiversity Register in consultation with the local people. The Register shall contain comprehensive information on availability and knowledge of local biological resources, their medicinal or any other use or any other traditional knowledge associated with them.

*Tanvi Singh, Editorial Assistant has reported this brief.

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