Madras High Court: The Division Bench of Sanjib Banerjee, CJ and Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy, J., while addressing the State’s failure in filing the status report in view of the High Court’s previous orders.

Court expressed,

Even as the common man remains apprehensive and fears for his life while praying that he does not get affected by the virus since the medical facilities remain suspect, the State’s indolence knows no bounds to use the pandemic as an excuse for acting in flagrant breach of orders of this Court.

Bench noted that it is the virus being blamed for the status report not being filed despite previous orders.

Court depicted its exasperation by noting the order passed nearly three weeks back in this petition on 7-04-2021:

“The State seeks a further week’s time to comply with the relevant order.

As a last chance, the State is afforded ten days’ time to complete the work and file a status report when the matter appears next a fortnight hence.

List on 28.04.2021.”

In the above order, State was given “last chance” to file the status report but it failed.

Matter will appear today i.e. 30-04-2021. Court stated that the Advocate-General should represent the State to file the status report and justify the conduct of the State as was noticed in several other matters.[C. Kumar v. State of Tamil Nadu, WP No. 31008 of 2019, decided on 28-04-2021]

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