Bom HC | Citing Supreme Court’s verdict on transfer of investigation into unnatural death of Sushant Singh Rajput to CBI, Court declines to entertain PILs

Bombay High Court: A Division Bench of Dipankar Datta, CJ and Revati Mohit Dere, J., declined to entertain the instant PIL related to the unnatural death of the actor Sushant Singh Rajput seeking the same to be transferred for investigation to the CBI  in light of a decision pronounced by the Supreme Court on 19-08-2020.

Court observed that, Supreme Court by its decision on 19-08-2020 ordered investigation into the unnatural death of the film actor Sushant Singh Rajput to the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Petitioner-in-person submitted that her PIL should be kept pending so that this Court could monitor the investigation to be conducted by the CBI.

Further, the petitioner’s counsel Subhash Jha urged that Advocate General should make a statement that the officers of the CBI shall not be put under quarantine once they arrive in Mumbai.

High Court dismissed the PIL in light of the same being beyond the scope and as far as petitioner’s counsel’s request was concerned, Court stated that they ought no to pass any order based on an apprehension.

Hence, the Court passed the following order:

Having regard to the directions passed by the Supreme Court in its order dated 18-08-2020 entrusting the investigation to the CBI, nothing practically survives for decision on this set of PIL petitions.

[Priyanka Tibrewal v. Union of India, PIL-CJ-LD-VC-37 of 2020, decided on 21-08-2020]

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