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Monica Sakhrani’s book deals with the laws relating to Marriage and Divorce explained in layman’s language.

   If you, the reader have a case going on, you may have different questions at different points in your case for which you are getting no clear answers. It also might be that you are at a stage where you are wondering whether to file a case or what kind of a case should you be filing. This book aims at answering all those questions.

The objectives of this book are:

(a)  to acquaint the reader with the different personal laws in India relating to Marriage and Divorce.

(b)  to explain the laws of marriage and the intricacies of marriage as a socio-legal institution.

(c)  to inform the reader about the rights and responsibilities in a marriage.

(d)  to explain the laws relating to divorce in India.

(e)  to assist a person in discovering what are the legal options and to find a good lawyer.

(f)   to decipher the intricacies of the legal process and learn how to deal with the legal procedure.

Also included are additional learning resources on

  • Access to important case law as indicated by Case PilotTM .
  • Discussion ForumTM  to post comments, discuss and explore ideas.
  • SCC Online® Blog to stay updated on recent happenings of the legal world.
  • Useful LinksTM get access to articles on marriage and divorce laws, updates and host of other learning resources.

Other than the objectives mentioned above, this book cautions you not to blindly trust your lawyer but keep your eyes and ears open throughout the process. It will gradually introduce you to legal terms and technicalities so that you are familiar with the terms when you reach the part dealing with court procedure. Finally, the book aims to give you both a technical overview as well as practical tips on the law relating to marriage and divorce.

Table Of Content

1. To Divorce or Not: Preliminary Evaluation

2. Marriage

3. Minority Laws and Special Marriage Act

4. Divorce

5. Other Rights and Reliefs

6. Tips on Finding/Identifying a Good Lawyer

7. Filing the Petition

8. Court Procedure

9. The Road Ahead

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