ILNU International Conference on Justice Education 2019 on the theme “Artificial Intelligence and its Legal Implication and the Inauguration of ILNU Centre for Artificial Intelligence”.


Prof. Dr Purvi Pokhriyal (Director and dean of Institute of Law Nirma Universty ) inaugurated the session by delivering the welcome address to the Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr. Justice B.N Srikrishna (Retired judge of the Supreme Court of India) Guest of Honor Dr. Hari Krishan Maram (Chairman and founder CEO of Imperial College) , Keynote Speaker Dr. Steve Robinson (Former Special Advisor, Office of the Secretary, U.S Department of Education, USA) , Dr. Karsanbhai Patel (President of Nirma University) and Dr. Anup Singh (Director-General of Nirma University). She introduced the aims of the conference by talking about the importance of appropriate data handling and policy framework of data protection. She also introduced the launch of Centre of Artificial Intelligence at Institute of Law Nirma University.
Post the inauguration speeches by all the esteemed speakers, the official launch of Centre for Artificial Intelligence took place by an introductory speech made by Asst. Prof. Biswa Das. The stage was then set open for a plenary session by Justice B.N Srikrishna, Prof. William Fox, Ms. Paridhi Adani, Mr. K Rama Subramaniam, Mr Bhagyesh Jha on the topic of “Artificial Intelligence and Policy Framework Challenges in Context of Indian Socio- Legal Structure”. Eklavya Parmar, student coordinator addressed a vote of thanks to the guest speakers.



Day two of International conference on Justice Education on the theme of Artificial Intelligence and its legal implications with a plenary session on the topic ‘Global treaty for the Regulation of artificial intelligence’. The key speakers were Ms. Komal Gupta, Head, Artificial Intelligence and Innovation at Cyril Amarchand MangalDas, Ahmedabad and Dr Pawan Duggal, Founder & chairman of the International Commission on Cyber Security Law and the President of with , Dr Satyam Priyadarshy, Tech Fellow & chief data scientist of Haliburton, USA, Being a PhD in quantum physics and Dr Andras Hars, from the University of Szeged, Hungary spoke about the possibility of Artificial Intelligence in international law.

Thereafter the session of track III was conducted, which was chaired by Ms. Komal Gupta and co-chaired by Mr. Thomas Valenti, the theme of the track session is ‘Application if Artificial Intelligence in Legal Practice’ and the theme speaker for the session was Prof. (Dr) A. Nagarathna. Some of the papers presented were relating to ‘Artificial Intelligence malfunctions and it’s implications’, ‘copyright in AI generated works’.

Track IV of the conference was conducted after this, which was chaired by Dr Satyam Priyadarshy and co-chaired by Dr Andras Hars, the theme of the track session is ‘Challenges to Artificial Intelligence’ and the theme speaker for the session was Dr Shri Ramakrishna. Some of the papers presented were relating to ‘Algorithmic policing and International law: Critical Realities in Data Driven Corporates and Government over AI Realms’, ‘The Locus Standi- AI’, ‘Artificial Intelligence vs. Natural (Human) Intelligence- Global Challenge for the Human Rights’, ‘Pricing Algorithm & Collusion: The limits of Antitrust Enforcement’, ‘Artificial Intelligence and National Defence’, ‘Artificial Contracting: Exploring Possibilities and its legal insinuations’ etc.

The Two- day International Conference on Justice Education, ILNU was concluded with a valedictory session where the dignitaries present were Prof. (Dr) A. Nagarathna, NLSIU, Prof. William Fox, Former Dean & Prof. of Law, Columbus school of Law, The Catholic University of America, Washington, USA, Dr Hari Krishna Maram, Chairman & Founder CEO of Imperial college. The best presenter was awarded with prizes by the institute. The dignitaries congratulated ILNU for successfully completing the first ever conference on Artificial Intelligence, in India and for setting up the Centre for Artificial Intelligence at ILNU, which has three important limbs-

  1. Artificial Intelligence & Think Tank with Red-X Labs,
  2. Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain with ILTE Hyderabad,

     3. Artificial Intelligence & it’s usage in Legal system with CIS.

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