Promoting Arbitration – GNLU Offers Cost-Free Arbitration Facility Centre

With a mission to promote arbitration as a most time efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution mechanism, Gujarat National Law University is launching an initiative to provide its infrastructure facility free, initially for one year. With the unleashing of economic and financial reforms, the ease of doing business requires excellent centres of dispute resolution, arbitration being the most preferred one.

GNLU, as an academic partner to the Nation’s Development vision, can provide an excellent arbitration facility to the Indian and foreign business and financial houses/parties and arbitrators.

The assistance will include cost-free infrastructure, inter alia,

  • arbitration hall(s),
  • video/skype facilities,
  • parties break-out rooms,
  • access to online databases and reports (Lloyds’ Reports, Kluwer Arbitration Online, World Bank database, Hein Online, Westlaw Online, among other).

In addition, GNLU faculty/research/training and administrative staff, to the maximum extent possible, will assist in rendering arbitration registry services. GNLU alumni and currently enrolled students too can provide research, drafting, administrative, coordination assistance to parties and arbitrators.

GNLU has excellent VIP residential facilities including suits, double-occupancy and single occupancy rooms for the arbitrators and staff of parties, to be availed at highly reasonable charges.

Located in a green-beautiful surrounding, the Arbitration Facility is just 20 minutes away from airport, 30 minutes from the Gujarat High Court and main business chambers and offices, 5 minutes from GIFT-IFSC and 10 minutes from Government and Public Sector Undertaking offices.

For more information, please contact Dr Joshua Aston, Assistant Professor and OSD to Director (email: 85 111 88724).

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