Allahabad High Court directs government authorities to decide plea of an IPS officer demanding to be mentioned as ‘casteless’ in his official documents

Allahabad High Court: The High recently had to address a plea by an IPS officer Amitabh Thakur, who had demanded that he be called “casteless” in official records. His argument supporting the plea was that he considered caste system a dividing factor and therefore, he was in favour of a casteless society.

Before the High Court, he had confined his plea in the sense seeking only directions to the authorities to consider his representations in this regard. The Division Bench comprising Satyendra Singh Chauhan, J. and Rajnish Kumar, J. disposed of the petition and keeping in mind the facts of the case, directed the respondents to consider petitioner’s plea and decide as per the competent law within the next two months. [Amitabh Thakur v. Union of India, Misc. Bench No. 6464 of 2012, decided on 3.1.2018]

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