Please refer to Head Office Circular No. Coordination 13(1)05/Allotment of code number/34878 dated 18.03.2005 wherein it was stated that “the field offices shall not allot code numbers and insist for local compliance in respect of the units/branches of the already covered establishments. They shall however be free to conduct inspections and report the deficiencies/irregularities in compliance with the provisions of law to the RPFC with whom the establishment is reporting compliance. There shall however be no bar to the allotment of code number for the local unit/branch in case of request by the establishment for their administrative convenience.”

2. In accordance with the cited instructions, there are many establishments which have employees working at different locations and branches but the payment of PF dues of all the workers is made under a single PF code number. However there were demands to give a facility for field offices to monitor compliance in their inspection area or information driven scrutiny of compliance.

3. Accordingly, a facility has been provided to such employers to furnish their location-wise employees’ particulars. The procedure to utilize the facility is detailed herewith.

4. Now, an employer can declare for each employee the period for which the employee has worked at a particular branch/location by utilizing the facility provided for this purpose in the employer’s portal at unified portal,

5. The employer should use his login to add all the branches/locations of the establishment in the Form 5A. The period of posting of employees at various branches/locations can be declared by the employer by using the “Member Location Mapping” option under the “Establishment” tab in the employer’s portal. This can be done either by entering data on the screen one by one or in bulk by uploading file. The employers may be informed about this facility and advised to use it.

6. In view of the above, it shall be mandatory on the part of all such multiple location establishments to fill the details of location-wise employees which will enable the concerned offices to view the location of the employees in the ECR through field office interface of unified portal.

7. This is for strict compliance of Regional Offices to advise such multi-location employers to fill the details of location of each employee in “Member Location Mapping”.


[No. C-I/3(19)2016/Clarification/ECR/7357, Dated 21.07.2017]


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