The Debate and Discussion Committee of RMLNLU announced the 4th edition of RML PD (Asian Format) from 12-14 February, 2016. There are cash prizes worth 2lakh+ to be won and like every year RMLNLU welcomes debaters and adjudicators from all around the country to claim their spot amongst the winner!!

The defending champions this year are Lady Sri Ram, Delhi University and we are ready to host the battle of words this Valentine’s! So book your tickets to the City of Nawabs and Kebabs to experience one of the finest debates and after party of the year!!

Click Here for the link to the official facebook page which the DDC shall update regarding the core adjudicators:

Registration Links:

Institutional Teams & Adjs. – click HERE  

Cross Teams – click HERE  

Independent Adjs. – click HERE 

Register by 10th January, 2016!

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