State Policy for Transgender in Kerala, 2015(Draft)

After the direction given by Supreme Court in Ram Singh v. Union of India (2015) 4 SCC 697, to the Centre and State Governments to grant legal recognition to the transgender and to treat them as socially and educationally backward classes, Kerala Government has come up with a policy for the welfare of transgenders.

The main objective of the Policy is to ensure the right for self-identification of gender as man, woman or transgender; Encourage all Government Departments and public authorities to extend a non-discriminatory treatment to the transgenders; Ensure that transgenders are no longer punished or harassed for cross-dressing as it is their right to dress the way they wish. As far as they are concerned, they are dressing according to ‘their own gender identity; Provide barrier free access to public transport, health services, and public places. Guidelines in this regard should be framed. There should be a mechanism for these guidelines to be followed.

In order to ensure that the TGs lead a decent life, State TG Welfare Board and district TG welfare committees, are to be established under the Department of Social Justice, Government of Kerala by way of a legislative act. The TG Welfare Board, Kerala is to be constituted by the Government of Kerala including Chair person, Vice chair-person, Secretary and Board members.

                                                      -Department of Social Justice Government of Kerala

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