No parity in pay of employees of NALCO and employees of schools having financial and administrative control of NALCO

Supreme Court: In deciding the question of employment as to whether financial and administrative control of NALCO over its schools managed by Siksha Vikas Samiti would give NALCO the status of employer to its workers, of the bench of Dr. A.K. Sikri and Surinder Singh Nijjar, JJ. ruled that though the schools were established and funded by NALCO yet the day to day control and supervision vested with the Managing Committees of the schools and thus the ‘remote control’ exercised by NALCO over the workers of the schools would not make NALCO their employer. In the present case the defendants claimed to be the employees of NALCO as they were employed in the schools set up by the company. Rejecting the claim the Court ruled that the employees directly employed by NALCO and those employed by the managing committees of the schools, were altogether discharging different kinds of duties and thus there cannot be any comparison between them. National Aluminium Co. Ltd. Vs.Ananta Kishore Rout, Civil Appeal No.5989 of 2008 decided on May 8, 2014

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