NUJS | 2nd Edition of JILS Blog Vernacular Publications Initiative

After a successful run last year, JILS Blog is bringing back its Vernacular Initiative to celebrate International Mother Language Day (21st Feb, 2021). International Mother Language Day is celebrated across nations to spread awareness on linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism. In that regard, the JILS blog team 2020 started a one of a kind initiative last year and we shall be continuing the same this year. The aim is to publish legal blogs in various languages of our country and other foreign languages, apart from English.

For long, legal education in this country has been limited in its scope and reach to the English language and the English-speaking populace. This serves as an impediment to the broader objective of making legal knowledge and education more inclusive and accessible. Last year, this initiative was born as a small step in redressing the exclusivity in the legal sphere. In furtherance of this initiative, the JILS Blog will be publishing a series of vernacular blogs starting from February 21st, 2021. 

We hereby invite contributions for legal blogs in any vernacular language that one is proficient to write in. The deadline for sending in the contributions is 16th February 2021. Further, the applications under this initiative should be sent to only.

We have all, in various instances in our law school life, criticised or regretted the stronghold exercised by the English language on our education. These small steps act as a deterrence to such a monotonous and exclusive system. The overwhelming response we received last year stands as a testament to the fact that many ascribe to this notion and are willing to help in revolutionising it.

The link to the series of vernacular posts published last year can be found here.

For any clarifications pertaining to this matter, please feel free to send a mail to or contact Sanya Rizvi at 7905757625.

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