MNLU Aurangabad | Release of Comparative Law Newsletter [Volume I, Issue I]

MNLU Aurangabad has released the First Volume, First Issue of the Comparative Law Newsletter. It is the first such initiative undertaken by the faculty members and the students of Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad. It is an effort to discuss and bring forward various contemporary discourses and issues related to the domain of comparative laws.
The newsletter is based on the theme “Gender Inclusive Legal Framework in the Contemporary World”. The theme was very carefully thought off and agreed upon by the team members in the light of recent and related events and developments around the world pertaining to this area. The First Volume, First issue is based on contributions by faculty members, students and practitioners. This newsletter is the result of the vision of Ms. Neha Tripathi, Assistant Professor, MNLU Aurangabad and Ms. Soumya Rajsingh, Assistant Professor, MNLU Aurangabad.
About the Newsletter
The Newsletter is devoted to the study of comparative and transnational laws and legal systems, the Comparative Law Newsletter (CLN) is an open access, peer-reviewed and referred newsletter published monthly by the Maharashtra National Law University, Aurangabad. It embraces analytical, theoretical, empirical and socio-legal attempts surrounding the public and private law aspects of various legal systems. It aims to encourage comparative legal studies in the transnational context of legal history, theory, philosophy, legal cultures and traditions, by tracking the developments in the field across the world. The newsletter seeks works that are dynamic and interdisciplinary in nature with specific display of comprehensive knowledge on the subject matter.

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