NLU Delhi | Homecoming 2018 – 2nd Alumni Meet organised

The 2nd Alumni Meet of National Law University Delhi captioned as ‘Homecoming’ was organised on 16th September 2018. The event marked its beginning with the kindling of the inaugural lamp by the Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) Ranbir Singh. This was followed by the release of the first edition of the Alumni Magazine, and the Alumni Directory by Prof. Ranbir Singh along with the Registrar Prof. G.S. Bajpai and the Editor of these publications, Prof. Prasannanshu. The cover of the book, titled ‘Law & Theatre’ by Prof. Prasannanshu and Ms. Neelam Singh, was also unveiled during the event.

The alumni had an opportunity to meet their teachers and also to interact within themselves. This was followed by a cultural programme presented by the first-year students, which later turned into an open mike for the Alumni. An event titled ‘English Class 101’ was conducted to help the alumni relive the memories of their days at the university. It was an interactive session in which the alumni shared their suggestions and plans for the future of the alumni body of the university. During the day, many shared their experiences, as students, and had conversations with the new batches of NLU-Delhi. The event closed with a vote of thanks. It all ended on a positive note of coming together again with more zeal and enthusiasm for the next year.

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