RTI not a forum to seek redressal of grievances

Central Information Commission: The appeallant before the CIC had appealed against the CPIO, OPTO Electronics Factory, Dehradun seeking information relating to the qualifications for the post of supervisor and whether those qualifications were fulfilled by one Shri Amit Mandal and Shri Manas Kumar Hazra who were promoted to the post of Supervisor recently.

The plea of appellant was that he was incorrectly denied of the information that he sought to which the respondent submitted that appellant was doing nothing, but was seeking redressal for his grievances through the RTI application.

The Commissioner Sudhir Bhargava thoroughly studied the background of the appeal and came to the conclusion that there were no grounds to interfere with the order and held that RTI is not the forum to seek redressal to personal grievances. [Bhishm Singh v. CPIO, OPTO Electronics Factory, CIC/OFBKO/A/2016/295329 decided on 30.08.2017]

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