Madras HC makes Vande Mataram mandatory in schools, govt. and private offices

As reported by The Times of India, singing of the national song Vande Mataram has been made compulsory by the Madras High Court in schools, government offices, private entities and industries across Tamil Nadu. Justice M.V. Muralidharan said that while schools must sing it at least once a week either on Monday or Friday, the national song must be crooned in offices once a month.

Justice Muralidharan said that private and government schools in the State should ensure that their students sing the national song at least twice in a week, preferably on Monday and Friday. Noting that the song can also be played in other government and private establishments at least once in a month, the Judge said, “If people feel it is difficult to sing the song in Bengali or in Sanskrit, steps can be taken to translate the song in Tamil.”

However, the Judge made it clear that in the event, any person/organisation has difficulty in singing or playing the song, they shall not be compelled or forced to sing it, provided there are valid reasons for not doing so.  The Judge added that youth of this country are the future of tomorrow and that the Court hopes and trusts that this order shall be taken in the right spirit and also implemented in letter and spirit by the citizenry of this great nation.

Source: The Times of India


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