The Kerala Law Academy Law College in association with its research wing Centre for Advanced Legal Studies and Research (CALSAR) organised the V.K. Krishna Menon Memorial Lecture on the 14th of November 2016 at the V.R. Krishna Iyer hall in the college campus. Hon’ble Justice Kurian Joseph (Judge, Supreme Court of India) delivered the lecture. His Lordship discussed the topic of ‘Fundamental Duties under the Constitution’.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice Kurian Joseph elaborated on the different fundamental duties as enshrined under the Constitution of India, their importance and significance and also the role they play in shaping up the conduct of the society. The circumstances which lead to the inscription of fundamental duties and the changes it had undergone ever since its inception were discussed.

“Fundamental duties can also govern fundamental rights. There can be no duty without a corresponding right. Ours is a country governed by rule of law. Purpose of law is to regulate the human conduct. Society is found upon a medium and that medium is law. Never take a pride on breaking the law but always take a pride in obeying and serving the law. Respect law and protect those who stand for the law.” said Hon’ble Justice Kurian Joseph while addressing the gathering.

During the course of the lecture His Lordship said that he welcomed the Swatch Bharat movement and also the change in currency. He urged to the students to place national interest before personal pleasures and also opined that the citizens of the country should have a moral prick and should consider the evasion of taxes a sin. The personal experience of His Lordship in planting trees and application of PIL was also shared with the students of the institution.

Adv. Nagaraj Narayanan (Adjunct Professor, Kerala Law Academy & Special Government Pleader Forest, High Court of Kerala) and Dr. Lekshmi P.Nair (Principal, Kerala Law Academy) were also present during the lecture. The session ended with the floor being open for questions and interaction with the judge. The importance of legal education in upper primary section and in school syllabus was brought up during this phase.

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