Police and civil society must ensure that there is no danger to the life and liberty of the girl and boy living together / married of their own will

Allahabad High Court: While deciding the fate of a young couple where it is alleged by the parents of a minor girl that she has been kidnapped for immoral purposes by the petitioner, the Court held that it is duty of the police to investigate the case seriously to prevent any harm against the young girl but in a situation  where girl is major and has chosen to live with another adult person on her free will, then police must give due protection to young couple, irrespective of the fact that parents of the couple do not approve of their decision.

The Court further held that once the girl and boy are found to be adults, it is the duty of the police as well as civil society to ensure that there is no danger to young couples of their lives and liberty. In the instant case, petitioners had claimed to be adults who married each other of their own freewill and were being harassed by their parents and relatives with support of local police. Surya Prakash Singh v. Siddharth Singh, Writ No.32652 of 2014, decided on 18th of June, 2014

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