India and Turkey Collaborate

In a landmark effort poised to reshape international arbitration and mediation, India and Turkey have entered into a strategic collaboration to promote Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). This notable partnership, formalized through an MOU between the Asia-Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation (APCAM) and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey Arbitration Center (TOBBUYUM), aims to bolster cross-border trade and strengthen business relations between the two countries. Spearheading this initiative are Sr. Adv. Anil Xavier, Chairman of APCAM, and Ms. Iram Majid, Executive Director of APCAM, whose expertise and dedication to ADR are expected to drive significant improvements in commercial relations and international dispute resolution.

On June 1, 2024, TOBBUYUM, in conjunction with Turkey’s Ministry of Law and Justice, hosted an event to celebrate this partnership. The event featured distinguished guests from both nations, who provided valuable perspectives on the future of ADR. HMJ Surya Kant emphasized the importance of a streamlined ADR approach through dedicated institutions to handle the complexities of international trade disputes effectively.

Key Participants and Insights

Notable Indian participants included HMJ Surya Kant, Judge, Supreme Court of India; HMJ S.R. Bhat, Former Judge, Supreme Court of India; Sr. Adv. Anil Xavier, Chairman of APCAM; Ms. Iram Majid, Executive Director of APCAM; and Mr. Siddharth Sethi, Partner at JSA. Turkish representatives included Mr. Hakan Oztatar, General Director of Legal Affairs, Ministry of Justice; Mr. Cagdas Ozer, Head of Mediation Department, Ministry of Justice; Dr. Onur Yuksel, General Manager, TOBBUYUM; and Mr. Hakan Ali Turgut, Former Judge, among others.

The discussions underscored the vital role of ADR in today’s global economy, highlighting best practices, addressing challenges, and exploring future opportunities in arbitration and mediation. This exchange of knowledge and experience laid a solid foundation for future collaborations and knowledge-sharing between India and Turkey.

Goals of the APCAM and TOBBUYUM Collaboration

The bilateral trade between India and Turkey reached 14 billion USD in the fiscal year 2022-23, with Indian investments in Turkey around 126 million USD and Turkish investments in India approximately 210 million USD, reflecting strong economic ties and mutual trust.

The collaboration between APCAM and TOBBUYUM aims to facilitate cross-border trade by offering efficient and effective dispute resolution mechanisms, ensuring smoother and more secure transactions between the two nations. This partnership is expected to enhance business relations, encourage further investments and joint ventures, and promote the understanding and use of arbitration and mediation. Additionally, this initiative will foster legal cooperation, enabling the exchange of legal expertise and best practices, and contribute to the development of a more robust international legal framework.

Statements from Leaders

Sr. Adv. Anil Xavier, Chairman of APCAM, stated, “This partnership highlights the increasing importance of ADR in facilitating international trade and business. By working with TOBBUYUM, we are creating more effective dispute resolution mechanisms that will greatly benefit businesses in both India and Turkey.”

Ms. Iram Majid, Executive Director of APCAM, added, “We are excited to collaborate with TOBBUYUM on this significant initiative. This partnership not only strengthens our bilateral ties but also enhances our collective expertise in arbitration and mediation, setting new benchmarks for international dispute resolution.”

Dr. Onur Yuksel, General Manager of TOBBUYUM, expressed, “We are excited about this collaboration with APCAM. Our combined efforts will significantly contribute to the development of ADR practices in both countries, fostering a more favorable business environment and facilitating smoother trade relations.”

This strategic collaboration represents a forward-looking approach to international dispute resolution, emphasizing the growing importance of ADR in global commerce. With the leadership of APCAM and TOBBUYUM, businesses in both countries can look forward to improved legal support, stronger trade relations, and a future of collaborative success.

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