The National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) Kochi, established the ‘Centre for Intellectual Property Rights’ (CIPR) to promote Intellectual Property awareness among students, and to encourage research in the emerging arena of Intellectual property. The Centre fosters R&D activities that blend with its central mission of intellectual pursuit as well as link related interdisciplinary involvement to develop an intellectual law-database, which would benefit the nation at large. The main objective of the Centre is to evolve into a flagship institution of intellectual property law studies in India.

CIPR is proactively engaged in the organization of seminars, workshops and conferences, publishing its flagship journal ‘The IP Law Review’, and its blog, The IP Site.

About the NUALS Intellectual Property Law Review

The NUALS Intellectual Property Law Review (ISSN 2582-4244) is a peer-reviewed, double-blind and open access journal, operating under the aegis of the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR), NUALS. The Journal, being an exposition of contemporary developments in intellectual property law, encourages authors to explore the latest developments in the field, while also giving readers an insight into overlooked areas of the law. The Advisory Board of the Journal includes Prof. T Ramakrishna, Prof. (Dr.) V.C. Vivekanandan, Prof. (Dr.) G.B. Reddy, Prof. (Dr.) Bismi Gopalakrishnan, Dr. Arul George Scaria, Adv. Swapna Sundar, Adv. Elizabeth Puthren and Adv. Raghul Sudheesh.

Past issues of the journal can be accessed here.

Call for Papers

The journal invites contributions for the 5th Volume of the Journal from academicians, practitioners of the legal profession, researchers, post-graduates and under-graduate students of law.

Contributions may be in the form of articles, essays, notes, commentaries and reviews. Submissions will be put through an exhaustive review process and published on the official website of the Journal, University, as well as CIPR.

Categories of Submissions

  • Articles: 5000-7000 words

  • Essays: 3000-5000 words

  • Notes, Comments and Reviews: 1000-3000 words

Word count is exclusive of footnotes. Longer submissions will be considered at the discretion of the editorial board.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. All submissions are to be made in the electronic form, and must be sent to Submissions must be received on or before April 18, 2023.

  2. All submissions must include an abstract not exceeding 300 words.

  3. Submissions must be accompanied by a brief note including the following information:

    • Name

    • Postal Address

    • Name of Institution

    • Course of Study (if applicable)

    • Academic Year

    • Contact Number

  4. In submission of work, the author undertakes that the work is original and has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere.

  5. All submissions will be subject to a plagiarism check at the first stage of evaluation. If work is found to be unoriginal or plagiarised (including self-plagiarism), it will be rejected at the first instance. The Journal also reserves the right to revoke the acceptance upon a finding of plagiarism at any stage of the submission or editing process.

  6. Co-authorship is allowed for a maximum of two authors.

  7. Authors will be intimated of receipt of submission within one week from date of submission.

Formatting Guidelines

  1. The submission must be made in .doc/.docx/.odt format only. PDFs of submissions will not be accepted.

  2. The body of the manuscript must be according to the following specifications:

    • Times New Roman font

    • Font size 12

    • Line spacing 1.5

  3. Submissions must follow the Bluebook (21st edition) style of citation. Footnotes must be in Times New Roman, font size 10 with single line spacing.

For further queries, contact:

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