Government of Telangana notifies amendments to Telangana Factories Rules, 1950

The Government of Telangana has notified the amendment to “Schedule XVIII – Handing and Processing of Asbestos, Manufacture or otherwise in which Asbestos is used in any Form” under Rule 95 of the Telangana Factories Rules, 1950. Schedule XVIII under rule 95 shall be substituted.

Key points:

  • No person shall carry out any demolition of plants or structures containing friable asbestos insulation material and removal of asbestos from building or structures in which asbestos is liable to become air-borne, unless he is recognized and duly empowered by the Chief Inspector of Factories as qualified to carry out such work

Note: “Asbestos” means any fibrous silicate mineral and any admixture containing actionlite, amosite, anthophyllite, chrysotile, crocidolite, tremolite or any mixture thereof, whether crude, crushed or opened;

  • Any tools or equipment used in processes to which this schedule applies shall be such that they do not create asbestos dust above the permissible limit or are equipped with efficient exhaust draught.
  • An effective exhaust draught shall be provided and maintained to control dust from the processes such as manufacturing, cleaning, grinding etc and machines as per the relevant National Standards.
  • All ventilating systems used for the purpose of extracting or suppressing dust as required by this schedule shall be as per the relevant Indian Standards, examined and inspected once every week by a responsible person. It shall be thoroughly examined and tested by a competent person once in every period of 12 months. Any defects found by such examinations or test shall be rectified forthwith.
  • Mixing or blending of asbestos by the hand or making or repairing of insulating mattresses composed wholly or partly of asbestos shall not be carried on in any room in which any other work is done.

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