CISF issues circular to implement “One Hand Bag Rule” in airports more strictly

A new circular has been issued by Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) which handles airport security on January 19, 2022. As per the circular, no passenger shall be permitted to carry more than one hand bag,other than the exceptions mentioned in Circular Nos. 06/2000 and 11/2000 issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation (BCAS). The circular noted that passengers are flouting the rule and on average carrying 2-3 bags to the screening point which causes congestion and inconvenience to other passengers.


In order to implement the circulars issued by BCAS more strictly, the CISF has laid out new instructions. However, let us first go through the exceptions mentioned in the BCAS circulars so that there is no panic with respect to the interpretation of the new circular. BCAS AVSEC circular 6/2000 states that no passengers shall be allowed to carry a handbag of more than 115 cm dimensions (total length, breadth and height). However, along with a single hand bag, one can still carry (i) a lady’s handbag, (ii) overcoat or wrap,(iii) rug or blanket, (iv) camera or binoculars, (v) reasonable amount of reading material, (vi) umbrella or walking stick, (vii) infant’s feed, (viii) items from duty free shop, (ix) collapsible wheel chair etc. In addition to the above BCAS AVSEC circular 11/2000 allows carrying one laptop bag along with a single hand bag. 


CISF has instructed all airlines and airport operators to implement the ‘One Hand Bag Rule’ more meticulously to ease out congestion. Airlines have been instructed to depute staff to guide passengers and verify their hand baggage status before security check and to display the ‘one handbag rule’ more conspicuously on their tickets and boarding passes. Airport operators have been instructed to advertise this rule more prominently through hoardings, banners and boards at check in counters and vantage locations before security check so that passengers have an option to check in the extra luggage before they reach the screening point at airports.

The circular can be reading by clicking the link below:

CISF Circular




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