MHA to States/UTs: Ensure Free Movement of Trucks/Goods Carriers; Essential to Maintain Supply Chain of Goods and Services in the country

It has been reported that at inter-State borders in different parts of the country, movement of trucks is not allowed freely and local authorities insist upon separate passes.

Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has re-iterated to all States/UTs that, as per the consolidated revised guidelines on lockdown measures, no separate passes are required for through traffic of trucks and goods carriers, including empty trucks etc.

In the communication, it has been stressed that this free movement is essential for maintaining the supply chain of goods and services across the country during the lockdown period.

MHA, on 15.04.2020, had issued the consolidated revised guidelines on lockdown measures to fight COVID-19.

( These consolidated guidelines clearly mention that all goods traffic through trucks/goods carriers would be allowed to ply freely.

In order to ensure compliance to these guidelines, MHA has asked all States and UTs to ensure that district authorities and field agencies are sensitized about the above instructions, so that there is no ambiguity at the ground level, and movement of through traffic of trucks and goods carriers, including empty trucks, is allowed without any hindrance.

Click here to see the Official Communication to States/UTs

Ministry of Home Affairs

[Press Release dt. 30-04-2020]


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