About the Organizer

The National University of Advanced Legal Studies, formerly National Institute for Advanced Legal Studies, is a uni-disciplinary university in Kochi, India for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate legal education. It is the only National Law University in the state of Kerala.

About the Journal

The NUALS Law Journal (ISSN Number 2319-8273) is the flagship law review of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, is a multidisciplinary, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal. Further details are available on our website: nualslawjournal.com

About the Blog

The NUALS Law Journal Blog shall accept submissions from students, legal professionals and practitioners dealing with any contemporary legal issue on a rolling basis.

Guidelines for contributions 

  • All submissions shall be made to nualsljblog@gmail.comwith the subject “Submission for NUALS Law Journal Blog”.
  • By submitting an article, the author undertakes that the article is an original work and has not been submitted, accepted or published elsewhere.
  • Co-authorship is allowed for a maximum of two authors.
  • Plagiarism will result in summary rejection of the submission.
  • Length of the article must not exceed 1500 words.
  • The content should be written in Times New Roman Font with a size of 12. Line Spacing should be 1.5.
  • The article should contain endnotes and not footnotes. All endnotes must be in Times New Roman font, with size 10 and line spacing 1.
  • All submissions must follow the Bluebook (20th Edition) style of citation; non-conformity will be a ground for rejection.
  • Submissions must be made in .doc/.docx formats only.
  • Details of the author(s) should NOT BE mentioned in the file containing the article.
  • Details of the author(s) shall be provided in the body of the email.

Contact details:

Sharath Chandupatla, 7012115652

Nikhil Mahadeva, 8848123610

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