Supreme Court: Delhi HC’s decision to acquit director Mahmood Farooqui of rape charges “very well reasoned and cannot be interfered with”

The Supreme Court refused to interfere with the Delhi High Court verdict acquitting Peepli Live director Mahmood Farooqui in a 2015 alleged rape case. The Division Bench of SA Bobde and L Nageswara Rao, JJ., observed that the Delhi HC decision was “very well reasoned and cannot be interfered with”. Noting the arguments of the appellant’s counsel wherein it was argued that there was lack of consent on the part of the victim, the Bench however stated that the parties were already in a relationship. Farooqui was sentenced to seven years in prison by a Special Fast Track Court in Saket after he was found guilty of forcing sex upon a foreign national in 2015. However, Delhi High Court set aside the conviction, giving Farooqui the “benefit of the doubt”.

Source: Times of India

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