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IJLI is a blind peer-reviewed quarterly publication which focuses on all aspects of Law and a multiple variety of disciplines ranging from Articles, Notes & Comments and Legislative Briefs on contemporary issues related to the fields of economics, social and legal sciences from Students, Research Scholars, Academicians and other Professionals to all other types and forms of academic writings. IJLI invites research article for an edited volume on the theme RIGHTS: A SOCIO-LEGAL PERSPECTIVE.

IJLI takes pride to announce that we are the first online law journal in India which has been indexed in 13 internationally recognized indexing platforms which let your manuscripts to be indexed and accessed globally. We believe that authors deserve the best output for their hard-work and therefore they must gain the value of their publication that they deserve. IJLI has a high impact factor of 1.6. The Volume invites submissions in the form of research articles from Academicians, Judges, Advocates, Research Scholars, Students, Human Right Activists, NGOs and other Professionals to all other types and forms of academic writings. The Volume will be published with ISBN by Radha Publications, Present Academic General & Text Books Publisher 4231/1, Daryaganj, Ansari Road, New Delhi – 110002, Website:


Dr. Priyamvada Mishra is presently, an Assistant Professor at Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA. Dr. Priyamvada did her B. A. (H) Political Science from Maharaja Agrasen College, Delhi University, then she pursued her Masters in Political Science from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University. Further she moved on to pursue Bachelor of Education from Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, Delhi University. She has also been awarded Ph.D. from Jamia Millia Islamia University. Her areas of interest primarily include International Relations, changing paradigm of Rights, Human Rights and Political Theories. She has also had the privilege of teaching in Delhi University, Jamia Millia Islamia, which introduced her to the evolutionary process of theories. She has published various articles on Global Commons, India’s Foreign Policy, applicability of theories of International relations in contemporary times.


Concept Note

Rights as a concept refers to a certain way of behaving, acting or a treatment, where the chief characteristics are being fairly determinate, are provided to individuals on individual or group basis, and are thus referred to as right-holders. It is a convenient system of behaviour both for the individual and the society, therefore in most of the cases these rights have acceptance both in and outside the society too. Rights can be understood under three criterion: they are liberty to do something (Freedom of Speech and Expression), at the same time it also talks of avoidance of injuries (Right to Information) and also receipt of services (like Right to Education), there is a strong relationship between democracy and the increasing ambit of rights, with the ever expanding individual and his/her claims. The volume aims to analyse the socio-legal perspectives of Rights w.r.t. feasibility, applicability vis-à-vis being guaranteed by the state. The themes so provided have been designed to cover the evolving concept of rights.


1. Rights of Transgender: A Way Forward

2. Marital Rape: The Victim behind Closed Doors

3. Surrogacy: Varied Dilemmas

4. Uniform Civil Code: One Nation, One Law

5. Girl Child Rights: Challenges and Expositions

6. Juvenile Justice in India: Status & Challenges

7. Right to Education: A Distant Dream

8. None of the Above (NOTA): A Voter’s Right to Reject

9. Right to Information: Where do we Stand?

10. Rights of Disabled: Myth or Reality?

11. Domestic Violence: Cruelty within Four Walls

12. Rights of Sex Workers: A Critical Issue

Note: The above themes are only illustrative and authors may select the related topics covered under them.


Word Limit: The prescribed word limit is 3500 – 5000 words including footnotes. The submission must include an abstract of 200-300 words which should contain a minimum of three keywords arranged alphabetically.

* The body of the manuscript should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 12 and in 1.5 line spacing.

* The text should be justified and a margin of 2.54 centimetres shall be left on all sides of the paper.

* The footnotes should be in Times New Roman, Font Size 10 and in single line spacing. End notes are not to be used.

* The Harvard Bluebook, 19th edition is the style which is to be strictly adhered to for citations.

* Submissions must be made in the MS Word (.doc/.docx) format.

* Co-authorship is permissible up to a maximum of two authors and two separate books shall be issued.

* The subject of the e-mail should be “Rights: A Socio-Legal Perspective”

* The submission shall also contain a separate Cover Letter as an attachment enumerating the following details:

  • Theme.
  • Title of the Research Article.
  •  Name of the Author(s).
  • Name of the Institution.
  • E-mail Address.
  • Postal Address.
  • Contact Number.

* Submissions must be made via e-mail to Editor-in-Chief of IJLI at

* The submissions will undergo a blind peer-review process, therefore the author(s) shall not disclose their identities anywhere in the body of the manuscript.

* All research articles submitted will be checked for plagiarism. The author(s) are strictly expected to acknowledge the references made use of.

* The research article must be an original and unpublished work. The author(s) must also confirm that the manuscript is not being considered for publication elsewhere.

* Author(s) must strictly adhere to guidelines, failing which their submissions may not be considered.


* Last date for research article submission: 15 June, 2017

* Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: Within 7 days from the date of submission

* Publication of the Volume: 30 June, 2017

* Dispatch of Volume: 10 July, 2017


The author(s) are kindly expected to submit a scanned copy of the Copyright Agreement Form, Processing and Publication Fee, once the manuscript is accepted for publication. Payment methods would be notified via e-mail to the author(s).

Single Authored Research Article – INR 2000 (One Copy of the Published Volume)

Co-Authored Research Article – INR 3000 (Two Copies of the Published Volume)

The fee includes 1 copy of the published volume for Single Authored Research Article and 2 copies of the published volume for Co-Authored Research Article to the author(s) through speed post/courier.

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