The reform brought about in Indian legal education by the pioneering efforts of Prof. (Dr.) N.R. Madhava Menon in the last three decades by introducing Five Year Integrated B.A.LL.B. programme under the National Law School experiment is the inspiration for Lloyd Law College sponsoring the Mooting Competition in his name. On retirement from active service, he continues to contribute to the cause of legal education and professional development through the Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy Training (MILAT), which he presides. Lloyd Law College is proud to be associated with MILAT in launching the Mooting event for the benefit of law students of South Asian countries.

Fifth Prof. N. R. Madhava Menon SAARC Mooting Competition, Law Students’ Conference & Judges Colloquium 2019 is to be organized by Lloyd Law College under technical support from MILAT-Menon Institute of Legal Advocacy Trivandrum at Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. There are two stages of the competition. The Indian Round and the SAARC Round for India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives. Indian Round was held on Saturday 27 & Sunday 28 Oct, 2019 at Lloyd Law College, Greater Noida. The two Best Law Student Awardees (male & female) will be chosen from the top seven teams selected at the Indian Round by a competent Jury to receive a fellowship of $ 51,000/- from Penn State School of Law to pursue LL.M. from Penn State University Law School, United States.

India Round witnessed the presence of fifty two teams from the best of all the law schools in India. Eight teams progressed to the SAARC LAW International Round that is scheduled to be held during Feb. 21-23,2020.



DAY-1 (21st FEBRUARY 2020)

3:20 PM: Fasten your seat belts and brace yourselves, the moment we were waiting for has come!

3:22 PM: And here we begin….!

4:00 PM: Lloyd welcomes law student from SAARC Nations with lots of enthusiasm and energy.

4:05 PM: The teams are super excited as they head towards the Lecture Hall 3 for the registration.

4:23 PM: The registration finally begins!The teams are being briefed with the rules and regulations of the competition.

4:25 PM: We, the blogging team is here to keep you updated through out the event.

4:38 PM:There is a palpable nervous excitement among the participants who are keenly waiting for their registration to get done in Lecture Hall 3.

4:53 PM: There is a very well quote given by Roy T. Bennett, in which he says that “More smiling, less worrying. More compassion, less judgment. More blessed, less stressed. More love, less hate.”
This is the prefect quote that can be used to demonstrate the current scenario of the participants.

5:26 PMProf. S. Sivakumar is intimating the participants, very rigorously, about the rules of the competition. He chooses to focus on the “DON’TS” of the competition and expresses his expectation of complete and absolute competence from the participants with regards to how they present themselves in the competition.
He further notifies the participants of every detail (regardless of their importance) of the rules and establishes that strict action will be taken if any of them are broken.

5:40 PM– Dr. Lisa P Lukos took the dice to explain further rules and regulations in a more precised manner.

6:12 PM- Draw of lots has begun.

6:15 PM– Draw of lots has been followed by exchange of memorials.

6:28 PM– The result of draw of lots for preliminary rounds:

SR 03 vs SR 14

SR 23 vs SR 24

SR 16 vs SR 12

SR 06 vs SR 04

SR 21 vs SR 19

SR 02 vs SR 09

SR 25 vs SR 22

SR 05 vs SR 08

SR 17 vs SR 07

6:41 PM:The teams are now going for high tea.

6:45 PM– With this, the sun sets on the green ground of Lloyd. See you when the sunflowers bloom. Blogging team is here at a routine overhaul to keep you posted with the latest updates as the event proceeds.


DAY-2 (22nd FEBRUARY 2020)

10:20 AM- Starting the morning with something new and fresh!! Campus filled with aroma of nature , beautiful chirping of birds and spirit of enthusiasm between the teams to face the prelims competition.

10:25 AM- Teams have arrived by time in campus with enthusiasm having their delicious breakfast to start off their day.

10:26 AM-  Teams have arrived and a long competitive day is standing just in front of them. They look nervous and enthusiastic both at the same time. We wish them luck from Lloyd’s side.


10:30 AM – Our esteemed judges have arrived at campus with fresh vigour and were welcomed by the lloydians with a beautiful glory on their faces. Judges with a great spirit of mentoring are guiding students regarding do’s and don’ts of the rounds.

10:42 AM-  Competition begins with the discussion of research paper on the most debated topic “Gender justice” to which every lawyer has a stand.

11:00 AM– The teams as well as judges have arrived in their respective court rooms. The teams are ready to present themselves to the judges. However, team presentations have started.

11:30 AM-After the tiring preliminary round, now it’s time to get charged. The participants and judges are served with refreshments to boost their spirits up!

12:39 PM-The teams are proceeding for a group photograph with our Chief Guest and other dignitaries.

12:40 PM-“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire” carrying on with our tradition, there is always a photo session with all the participants adorned with their beautiful traditional attire.

12:50 PM– All the teams have taken their seats in the seminar hall for the Inauguration Ceremony.

12:59 PM– The Hon’ble Chief Guest have arrived in the seminar hall and we have begun with the Inauguration Ceremony.

01:01 PM– “Darkness cannot drive out darkness,only light can do that.”Now the Hon’ble Chief Guest is heading forward to lighten the lamp.

01:10 PM– The backbone of Lloyd group of institutions, Mr. Manohar Thairani,President of Lloyd law college, addressing the eminent dignitaries.

01:16 PM– Prof. (Dr.) S. Shiva kumar takes the podium after Mr. Manohar Thairani and welcomed all the judges and the Chief Guest Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ashok Bhushan to attend and be a part of this SAARC LAW mooting competition. At last he wish all the teams luck and seek them to learn and experience something worth for them from this competition.

01:24PMHon’ble Sir Mr. R. Venkataramani, Senior advocate, Supreme Court of India and member of law commission of India is addressing the students and explaining the purpose of mooting.

01:42 PMHon’ble Mr Justice Zafar Ahmed, Judge,Supreme Court of Bangladesh (high court division) is now at the podium. Boosting the morale of students he discuss the workings of law not only in India but in Bangladesh too. He wishes to maintain the happy relations between the governments.

01:50 PM- He concludes his speech by sharing some of his law experiences and also various ways to perform better at competitions. He wishes everyone luck for their law careers.

01:56 PMHon’ble Mr justice Hari Prasad Phuyal, Judge, Supreme Court of Nepal, starts his speech by emphasizing on the various skills required in a lawyer. He advises everyone to find their grey areas and work on them. He describes the new teaching techniques that have changed throughout the time.

02:05 PM-Hon’ble Mr Justice S. Thurairaja, Judge, Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, in his speech discuss the life of practicing lawyers in any court of law. He explains that how the mind of a lawyer should work by discussing an old case. “One should have a mind working like a lawyer, knowledge is the second most essential part” he quote on traits for a successful lawyer.

02:15 PM- Draw of lots for Preliminary Rounds, (Round 2):

SR 14 vs SR 23

SR 24 vs SR 16

SR 12 vs SR 03

SR 04 vs SR 02

SR 19 vs SR 21

SR 09 vs SR 05

SR 22 vs SR 17

SR 08 vs SR 06

SR 07 vs SR 25

02:15 PM : Honorable Judge of Supreme Court of India, Mr Justice Ashok Bhushan is at the podium and briefing about the SAARC mooting competition and he is also highlighting the achievements of Late NR Madhava Menon.

02:20 PM- Hon’ble Mr Justice Ashok Bhushan, Judge, Supreme Court of India, in his speech stresses on legal education and it’s evolution. He points that it’s time that youth or the young lawyers have to communicate and think more quickly. He describes the importance of SAARC Law Mooting competition in fostering the relations between nations.

02:30 PM– Concluding his enthusiastic speech Hon’ble Mr. Justice Ashok Bhushan talked about the importance of hard work and teamwork. Morality and gender parity were also described. He also congratulated the organizers for conducting such an event and creating such a good platform for law students to compete.

02:35 PM– All the guests of honor are being felicitated by Mr. Manohar Thairani and Prof. (Dr.) S. Siva Kumar.

02:36 PMDr. Lisa P. Luckose delivered vote of thanks to all the dignitaries, teams and volunteers.

02:42 PM– The program here by concluded by SAARC Anthem followed by National Anthem.

02:54 PM- Lunch is an important part of a balanced diet. We know that, Good food makes for a good mood! To reduce the tension and boost up the energies of the talented participants to carry out the rest of our event; Guests and Participants are served with lunch to keep them in high spirits it will be followed by Preliminary Round 2.



03:45 PM– The pleadings begins.

03:49 PM– Speaker 1 continues to establish the facts before the jury very confidently.

03:53 PM– The 1st speaker describes the facts and the Jury by asking some key questions tries to trap the petitioner speaker but she smoothly escapes it with relevant facts.

04:09 PM– The Jury raises questions and the speaker 2 confidently answers to them.

04:11 PM– The judges request the speaker to sum up as the time has ended.

04:15 PM– Respondent speaker 1 approaches the dais.

04:20 PM– The Respondent side objects the acts done by the petitioner. In a medium tone she continues to stick on to the facts of the case.

04:22 PM– Now the councilor came up with some of the relevant cases to support her arguments.

04:25 PM– Speaker 2 of the respondents approaches the dais and starts the submissions.

04:28 PM– Citing some articles from the moot proposition, the speaker 2 continues to plead.

04:36 PM– The jury raises questions and the respondent 2 confidently answers to them.

04:47 PM– Respondent 2 concluded the arguments in the allotted time and seeks for the prayer.

04:48 PM– The rebuttal has begun.

04:51 PM– The judges are impressed by both the sides.

04:52 PM– All the pleadings have ended.


03:46 PM: The petitioner and respondent are here.

03:51 PM: The council starts the proceedings.

03:54 PM: The judges are throwing bunch of questions but the judges are not satisfied by the answers of the councilor.

03:57 PM: The first speaker is presenting signs of a witty personality.

04:07 PM: The second council men seeks the dice.

04:16 PM: The councilmen is profound in her words and is a good orator.

04:25 PM: The council submits the prayer.

04:31 PM: There’s a slight tension on the face of the council men.

04:34 PM:The second speaker approaches the dice as the first one talks a hold from the pleading.

04:46 PM: The first speaker approaches the dice.

04:50 PM: The councilmen ends their contentions.

04:57 PM: judges are leaving the courtroom.


03:45 PM- Judges have arrived.

03:52 PM- Speaker 1 from petitioner side has started the pleadings very fluently. She seems to be confident.

04:08 PM- Speaker 1 answered all the questions asked by the jury and they seems satisfied with the answers. Now Speaker 2 has started the pleading.

04:20 PM- Speaker 2 answered all the questions with proper justifications and judges are seems to be happy.

04:22 PM- Both the petitioners are done with their pleadings and Speaker 1 from respondent side is ready with her pleadings.

04:42 PM- Time up! Speaker 1 from respondent side is done with her pleading.

04:50 PM- Speaker 2 from respondent side is continuously answering to the questions by judges.

04:56 PM– Times Up! Rebuttal round will start now.

05:00 PM- The proceedings are over for now.


03:46 PM: Both the Applicants and Respondent have arrived.

03:48 PM: Judges are here seated in the court room.

03:49 PM: Council starts the proceedings.

04:30 PM: The Respondent Speaker 1 is confused about the issues in the facts.

04:32 PM: The Respondent Speaker 2 has started with his proceedings.

04:35 PM: The court asks respondent no.2 a question but the latter was unable to counter the same.

04:40 PM: Respondent Speaker 2 has done with his proceedings


03:48 PM- The petitioner and respondent are here.

03:52 PM- Council starts the proceedings.

03:56 PM -The first council men is a good orator.

04:08 PM- The second councilmen seeks the dice.

04:14 PM– the second councilmen is facing the questions well , asked by the honorable Judges.

03:54 PM- Speaker 1 is proving her points to the judges.

04:05 PM– The Co concel started with his pleadings.

04:13 PM– The Speaker is presenting the facts but judges seem to be unconvinced with the way of presentation.

04:20 PM– The Respondent speaker 1 is started with his proceedings.

04:24 PM– the council men approaches the dice after the other council.

04:37 PM- the co -council men is a great orator.

04:50 PM- The councilmen ends their contentions.

04:54 PM- The judges are deciding the result.

04:57 PM- Judges are leaving the courtroom.


03:54 PM: The Judges are here seated in the court rooms.

03:55 PM: Counsel starts the proceeding.

04:00 PM:The judges are throwing a bunch of questions as they aren’t satisfied by the answers of the counselor.

04:10 PM: A tensed environment develops among the speakers as the speaker 1 is addled amidst the questions being thrown by the judges.

04:13 PM: Speaker 1 finishes his part and takes his seat.

04:25 PM– The Co Counsel finishes his part and gets seated.

04:30 PM: The first counsel from the respondent’s side makes her presence by the use of her skills.

04:45 PM: The first counsel sits down as the Co Counsel from the side of respondent approaches the podium.

04:46 PM: The Co- Counsel from the respondent sides begins with her part.

04.49 PM: The judges put up questions to the Co- Counsel.

04:52 PM: The Co counsel from the side of the respondent throws in her alternative arguments.

04:59 PM: Reciting of the prayer by the respondent.

05:06 PM:  The judges provided their feedback.


03:40 PM: Teams have arrived

03:48 PM– Judges have arrived

03:51 PM– Pleadings has began

03:56 PM-Judge asks a question from a ICJ judgement but they are not happy with the answer of council .

03:58 PM- Judge again asks a question from council on arbitration.

03:59 PM- Judges are going through memorial of councils.

04:01 PM– Judge again asks a question

04:03 PM– Council perfectly answer it.

04:08 PM– Fist speaker has done her work.

04:08 PM – Co-council starts with rest.

04:12 PM– Judge corrects the statement of council.

04:20 PM– Judge asks a question on email functioning.

04:22 PM– One party of council pray the prayer for non liability.

04:24 PM– Starts pleading with very good accent.

04:28 PM – Judge asks a question on “draft state responsibility.

04:31 PM– Judge asks for defining “Internal self Determination”

04:36 PM– Judges are asking question on slavery.

04:39 PM– Judges are talking about human right violation.

04:40 PM– Time is over for first council of second party.

04:45 PM- Co-council reaches the dice and starts the pleading.

05:03 PM-Rebuttal round begins.

05:08 PM: Judges are making their decisions.

05:14 PM– The second round also gets concluded.


03:50 PM– Teams have arrived in the room.

03:46 PM– The petitioner and respondent are here.

03:51 PM– The council starts the proceedings.

03:54 PM– The judges are throwing bunch of questions but the judges are not satisfied by the answers of the councilor.

04:07 PM– The second council men seeks the dice.

03:57 PM– The first speaker is presenting signs of a witty personality.

04:05 PM– Judges are satisfied with the answers given by the councils

04:12 PM– The judges threw Bunch of questions to the council.

04:15 PM- Council submits her conclusion.

04:18 PM– Council seems packed with the confidence in his initial pleadings.

04:21 PM– Co-counsel continues to stick on his fact and proves the same to the jury with evidence.

04:27 PM- Counsel pleads that he will deal with the question in his next contentions.

04:31 PM– Judges are not satisfied with the answers, and they raise another question on that behalf.

04:37 PM- Petitioners seeks prayer before the judges.

04:46 PM– Judge threw the question on council very smartly.

04:47 PM– Question seems to tricky, and the council is getting confused with the same.

04:53 PM– Co-counsel help counsel with the help of some evidence to answer the questions.

05:06 PM– Council continues with his final submission.

05:10 PM– Respondent submit their prayer before the court.

05:11 PM– Petitioner begin with the rebuttals.

05:14 PM -Respondent submit their sub-rebuttal before the court.

05:17 PM– Judges are discussing and marking all of them.



SR 24
SR 09
SR 17
SR 07
SR 19
SR 06
SR 22
SR 08



06:55 PM– Pleading begins!

07:00 PM-The first counsel from the petitioner’s side has a good command over her arguments. She seems to have control over the situation from the beginning. The Judges and the respondents are completely in tune with her arguments.

07:07 PM- Arguments of the petitioners seem to be structured in a persuasive manner. The judges then interject with a series of questions. The counsel tries to reply to these questions confidently. The judges seem to have caught the petitioners off guard.

07:12 PM– Speaker 2 reaches the dice.

07:22 PM- It has been 10 mins and judges have not raised a single question.Speaker 2 speaks confidently

07:27 PM- Times up! judges didn’t ask a single question and the argument is over .Petitioner seeks for prayer.

07:28 PM- Respondent speaker 1 begin with pleading.

07:36 PM- Judges now begin asking questions. Speaker answers the question confidently but judges seemed to be unconvinced.
Speaker is getting confused with the flurry questions of the judges .Speaker is now correcting his statement.

07:42 PM- Respondent speaker 2 begins with her pleading.

07:53 PM- Judges begin asking the questions and were impressed by the answer.

07:57 PM- Respondent 2 finishes her pleading.

07:58 PM- Rebuttal begins.

08:01 PM- The judges are impressed by pleadings of both the sides.

08:02 PM- All the pleadings have ended.



06:53 PM- The council approaches the dice.

06:50 PM- The judges have arrived.

06:56 PM- The first councilman takes the duty to explain the case and some facts.

07:00 PM- The judges ask some questions to the speaker.The speaker deals with them with witty yet honest answers.

07:05 PM- The Speaker has profound skills on orating.

07:18 PM- The co-council is making his presence in the court room by the pleadings.

07:20 PM- The speaker is handling the questions, put up by the judges ,very well.

07:31 PM- The council ends the pleadings.

07:32 PM- The respondent approaches the dice.

07:33 PM- The speaker explains about the facts and other aspects of the case.

07:37 PM- The judges seem quite impressed fascinated by the way of pleading and presentation.

07:40 PM- The judges are presenting questions to the Speaker.

07:42 PM- The speaker proceeds to the other contention.

07:48 PM- The speaker seeks for extra time.

08:01 PM-The speaker still continues to hold up the tensed environment.

08:04 PM- The co-council approaches the dice.

08:07 PM- The co-council approaches towards the other contentions of the case.

08:09 PM- 5 minutes left ,until the pleadings are over.

08:23 PM- The co-council asks for three minutes extra time.

08:28PM- The petitioner seeks for rebuttal.



06:52 PM- Both petitioner and respondent have arrived.

06:54 PM- Judges have arrived.

06:55 PM- Petitioner Speaker 1 started with his proceedings.

07:00 PM-The judges are asking questions about the jurisdiction to the petitioner.

07:05 PM- The questions asked by judges were hard indeed,but the Pleader had proven his worth and answered the question without cogitating too much.

07:14 PM- The Co counsel started his proceedings.

07:18 PM- Sticking on to the point, the co counsel continues pleading, without forgetting to beautify the points said by the counsel of the same side.

07:29 PM- Respondent Speaker 1 has started with his proceedings.

07:35 PM-Speaker 1 continues to establish the facts before the jury very confidently.

07:42 PM- Speaker is proceeding towards the rights of human violation.

07:47 PM- Speaker 2 has started her proceedings.

07:50 PM- Respondent 2 started her pleading and initially judges starts asking questions.

07:56 PM- The jury continuously asks set of questions to the speaker , respondent 2 answers them confidentally.

08:06 PM- PLEADINGS OVER. Teams have left the courtroom. Judges are filling up the score sheet.


06:53 PM– Judges have arrived.

06:56 PM– Petitioner counsel seeks permission to hold the dice.

06:57 PM– Counsel is stating facts to the Court

07:00 PM– Judges put a question on the counsel.

07:02 PM– Judges are putting a bunch of question on the counsel.

07:03 PM– Counsel seems to get confused with all the bunch of questions.

07:06 PM– Counsel is referring to the evidence to prove his contentions.

07:09 PM- Counsel continues with his next submissions.

07:14 PM- Counsel seeks permission for extension of 1 min to conclude his arguments.

07:17 PM- Co-counsel holds the dice.

07:20 PM- 2nd counsel is confident enough to deal with the questions.

07:28 PM- Counsel continues with her final submission.

07:31 PM- Speaker puts forward evidences and facts to comply with her contentions.

07:33 PM- Petitioner seeks prayer before the court.

07:36 PM- Petitioners handles all the questions very smartly.

07:36 PM- Respondent counsel hold the dice.

07:44 PM- Judges are asking justification for the contentions put forward by the counsel.

07:45 PM– Counsel replies the questions confidently, and continues with her further submissions.

07:50 PM– Co-counsel from respondent side holds the dice and started with her submissions.

08:00 PM- Respondents move forward with their final submissions

08:05 PM- Respondents seeks prayer before the court.




08:50 PM-  So,we blogging team would keep you updated with the live events in campus. It is here, the blogging team signs off.


DAY 3 (23 FEBRUARY,2020)

08:30 AM- And finally, the finals round day has arrived and the teams are filled with excitement and enthusiasm.

08:55 AM- The teams have arrived in the campus and proceeding further with delicious mouth-watering breakfast accompanied by the refreshing vibes of sun. Furthermore, teams are also gearing up to face the semi-finals hustle.

08:57 AM- The teams that qualified for the semi-finals have arrived in their respective court rooms.


09:00 AM- Teams and judges have arrived.

09:02 AM- Petitioner holds the dice and continues with his pleadings.

09:10 AM- Counsel seems to be confident.

09:25 AM- Co-counsel holds the dice.

09:28 AM- Judges puts question on the counsel, and counsel very trickily handle the question.

09:30 AM- A bunch of questions were put to the co-Counsel, and co-counsel seems to be confused.

09:40 AM- Co-counsel continues with her further submissions.

09:45 AM- Co-counsel seeks his prayer before the court.

09:50 AM- Counsel from respondent side holds the dice.

09:52 AM- Judges puts a question on counsel and counsel deals with it very smartly.

10:00 AM- Counsel seems smart and handle its arguments very well.

10:06 AM- Counsel continues towards his final submissions.

10:08 AM- Co-counsel holds the dice.

10:09 AM- Co-counsel refers to the evidence to prove her contentions.

10:16 AM- Judges are putting a bunch of questions on the co-counsel.

10:19 AM- Judges seems to be satisfied with the respondent arguments.

10:24 AM- Speaker move towards her concluding arguments.

10:26 AM- Petitioner started with her rebuttals.

10:27 AM- Council is giving her best to contradict each and every point made by counsel with her arguments.

10:28 AM- Council from respondent’s side started with their sub-rebuttals.

10:31 AM- Pleadings end.


09:50 AM- Teams and judges have arrived in the court rooms.

09:55 AM-The petitioner speaker 1 starts her pleading, she seems to be quite prepared as she is framing her arguments very rationally.

10:02 AM- With full enthusiasm she continues pleading citing all the facts regarding the case.The Speaker also mentions about human rights and mention its various laws.

10:10 AM- The petitioner speaker seems to be well aware of the time allotted to her and she finishes it in that allotted time.

10:11 AM- The co-counsel from the petitioner side approaches the dais and starts speaking in fast and confident manner.

10:17 AM-The bench is on and on grilling the petitioner with their questions.

10:23 AM- The Speaker wraps up her argument successfully.

10:24 AM- The Speaker from the Respondent side approaches the dais, starts her submission with good tone.

10:30 AM- The Speaker is still fielding the arguments. The judges are listening to his issues without putting on questions to him.

10:38 AM- The Speaker concludes his part of the submissions.

10:39 AM- The co counsel takes over the dais and starts describing the facts of the arguments.

10:46 AM- The Speaker continues to explain the facts of the case while there is no question raised by the Jury.

10:50 AM- The Speaker is still presenting his arguments as the judges are cross questioning her , the bench made the speaker quite confused with their questions.

10:52 AM- The Respondent 2 concludes his part of the submissions.

10:53 AM- Rebuttal begins.

10:55 AM- The judges are impressed by both the sides.

10:57 AM- All the pleadings have ended.

11:05 AM-  The semi-finals round is over and we eagerly wait for the results.

11:30 AM- The result has been declared and the respective teams for the finals are : SR-19 V. SR-08.

11:35 AM- As the semi final rounds are taking place simultaneous to it all the honorable dignitaries along with Former Cheif Justice of India Hon’ble Mr. Justice Dipak Mishra have gathered together for the colloquium discussing upon “good governance”.



11:58 AM- Both the Applicants and Respondent have arrived.

12:05 PM- Judges have arrived.

12:07 PM- Petitioner Speaker 1 started his pleadings.

12:10 PM- Judges asks some questions regarding the status of Trinity, the speaker answers to it without stumbling. Seems like the petitioner speaker is in best of their confidence level.

12:17 PM- Judges asks the petitioner speaker to provide with relevant source regarding the facts of the case.

12:23 PM- The Co counsel started his proceedings.

12:26 PM- The judges are asking questions about the jurisdiction to the petitioner.

12:32 PM- Judges are asking about the domestic laws of Gama.

12:40 PM- Respondent Speaker 1 is started with her proceedings.

12:49 PM- Judges now begin asking questions. Speaker answer the question confidently but judges seemed to be unconvinced.

12:58 PM- Speaker is taking time to conclude her pleading and “TIME OVER” sign was show by the court master and judges gave her 2 min extra time.

03:15 PM- All the teams and guests of honour have arrived in the seminar hall and the ceremony has started.

03:17 PM-The Chief Guest for the valedictory ceremony is Hon’ble Mr Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose, Chairman, Lokpal and former Judge, Supreme Court of India.

03:23 PM- Mr. Manohar Thairani welcomed all the guests and the students. He also remembered prof. N.R. Madhava Menon and said that we all will continue the legacy.

03:30 PM- Mr. Akhilesh Kumar Khan, Deputy Director, Lloyd Law College addressed the students. He gave an overall report of the SAARC International Mooting competition.

03:44 PM- Prof. (Dr.) S. Siva Kumar is now at the podium now. He starts by addressing all the guests and appreciated the hard work done by the students. He heart fully thanked every participant for their participation and one more successful year of SAARC.

04:03 PM- Hon’ble Mr Justice Hari Prasad Phuyal, Judge, Supreme Court of Nepal is at the dais. He started by telling the importance of patience in the field of law. He encouraged students to participate more and more.

04:15 PM- Hon’ble Mr Justice S. Thurairaja, Judge, Supreme Court of Sri Lanka, in his speech he discussed about the aspects of mooting in a law school. “Mountains are there to conquer” he quoted to motivate everyone. He appreciated every participant for their hard work and dedication.

04:25 PM- Hon’ble Mr Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose, Chairman, lokpal or former judge Supreme Court of India is now addressing the ceremony, he cites the evolution of teaching in the field of law. He also talks about the international importance of SAARC in the South Asian countries.

04:35 PM- Momentous were distributed by our Hon’ble chief guest.

4:40 PM-Felicitations and award giving ceremony starts.


Best Memorial :
2nd) SR 09 – National Law College, Nepal
1st) SR 17 – Nirma University, Ahemdabad
Best Male Advocate :
SR 07- NUSRL, Ranchi
Best Female Advocate :
SR 17- Nirma University, Ahemdabad

SR 06- University of Colombo
Winner :
SR 19- NLU Assam

5:03 PM- Prof. (Dr.) Mohd. Salim, Director, Lloyd Law College is now giving the vote of thanks.

Fifth Professor N.R MADHAVA MENON SAARC LAW MOOTING COMPETITION is a flagship program organised by LLOYD LAW COLLEGE. This year it was organized from 21st February to 23rd February 20. College volunteers participated enthusiastically for the lucrative conduction of the event. The delegates participated with tremendous energy. The students expressed their views about their learning and achievements at LLOYD LAW COLLEGE. All the respected dignitaries and guests who graced the occasion with their presence and appreciated the efforts of LLOYD LAW COLLEGE to make event as a grand success. After several rounds of clash between different teams. Team code SR-19 NLU ASSAM was declared as the winner of the competition. LLOYD LAW COLLEGE congratulates all the winners of the competition.

LLOYD LAW COLLEGE extends our heartiest gratitude to all Judges, guests, participating teams and college volunteers who worked day and night to mark their event as a memorable competition in the history of Mooting.



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