Students engaged in defacement during DU student elections to face penal actions

Delhi High Court: The Court in its recent judgment passed by C. Hari Shankar, CJ.. held that if the students involved in defacement fail to attend the deliberations by Delhi University, strict penal actions will be taken against them under defacement.

The crux of the facts being that while the student elections were going on in Delhi University, few students were involved in defacing public and private properties around the areas of the university by pasting their posters and banners thereby causing public and private nuisance and eventually inducing permanent and temporary damage to various properties. Following which a petition was filed by Prashant Manchanda before the Delhi High Court to curb defacement practice by such students, and subsequently the High Court ordered the university to set up a meeting with the students involved and decide certain guidelines for the next student elections so that such type of misconduct does not happen in future.

The Court after observing that few students were refraining from attending the meeting that was scheduled to decide the guidelines for future elections, and hence held that strict ‘penal actions’ shall be taken against those under defacement if they fail to attend another meeting. [Prashant Manchanda v. Union of India, W.P. No. 7824/2017, decided on 22.12.2017]

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