Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

We welcome you to the 8th Edition of the CNLU National Parliamentary Debate.

After an extremely “innovative” prank played on some of the OC members by our Core Adjudicator, Vipul Nanda, and Convenor, Yashwant Singh, we finally have Nanda on board! Wohhhoooo! So, get ready to witness some fierce debate for the next 3-days!

Stay tuned!

So we had an Inaugural ceremony which was presided over by the Vice Chancellor of CNLU.

Furthermore, Student convener of the event Yashwant Singh for the Showoff he is, flaunted 150 volunteers. The student volunteers have worked day & night for almost 40 days to make this event a grand success.

4:12p.m.: We are halfway through the demo debate and we await for the adjudicator’s test which will take place subsequently.

4.30 p.m:Done with demo debate, let’s wait for the adj.test to begin.

While the adjudicators take the test, I will go and grab my cup of coffee!

Rounds are bound to begin at 6p.m on so we will bring the match up and motion to you as soon as possible.


1.This house would remove capital punishment for any person not bearing any direct casual link to the crime.

2.This house would replace MNREGA with a program to guarantee minimum infrastructure pending and creation per district.

3.This house would restrict automated mass production (with or without AI) to activities/process/work that is too dangerous or a possible for human labour for a century.

match ups for round 1 are:-

Sahi Pakde Hai v. Indore Institute of Law

Two Girls One Boy v. HNLU1

CU Dept. of Law v. Indestructable

NUJS 4 v. Nirahua Rickshawala

GLC Mumbai v. RML 2

Bong Com v. Inglorious Debaters

CUSB 1 v. Aam Aadmi


NUJS 3 v. Lal Salaam

Law School BHU v. Green Sophists

NUJS 1 v. JNVU Jodhpur

The Thinkers v. RML 1

Raizada and Grandsons v. Dept of Law, UU

7.17 pm Debate begins round 1 welcome everyone

7.20 pm Room 4 debating on the first motion, room no 14 debating on same. motion 2 in room 9.
7.25 pm Prop. starts their part of the case very nervous ,please paani pilao usko. Room 4 team from NUJS talking “big words”.#lawyers #spell_from_harry_potter.


7.33 pm, Our representatives unable to understand the words of the LO, not the representatives fault its about the substantiation.

7.35 pm, Not anything great happening in room no 1.

Rarest of rare example, from where that they managed that.

7.37 pm opposition says rarest of rare example, first e.g. which we don’t know because our representatives was very busy  doing god knows what.

7.48 pm another example of terrorism ,as terrorists don’t fear death.In room no 2 there is a motion going on MNREGA.

7.55 pm debate in room no 9, is all heated up opp. calling the prop. cases as bullshit. (Seriously guys, we are not making this up)

8.00 pm  room no 7 sticks again.

8:37 pm in the room number 9 it did fare well with a very heated debate between the prop and the opp…lets wait and see who takes the team further.

For those of you who understand match ups will get this. Rest go fish.


NUJS 1 v. Indestructable

Lal Salaam v. Bong Com

Riazada and grandsons v. Superlipshtik

Aam Aadmi v. RML1

Two Girls One Boy v. Law School BHU

NUJS3 v. Indore Institute of Law

Dept of Law,UU v. Inglorious Debaters

Nirahua Rickshawala v. JNVU,Jodhpur

HNLU1 v. The Thinkers

CU Dept. of Law v. Green Sophists


RML2 v. Sahi Pakde Hai

Too late and I know you guy may not be keeping up but if you are we so good that you are keeping up we are elated

Motion for round:

  1. THW privatise all PSU banks and shift rural banking services to post offices.
  2. THW prohibit promoters of bankrupt companies from investing in or creating any new companies or venture.
  3. THW prevent countries from offering tax saps or rates to companies as an incentive to set up in their countries.

10.45 round 2 begins.

Prop. it was like congress youth department debating in room no.4.  and they are also separatist separating rural and urban economy.

Superlipishtik thinks people use letters more than they use their phones. our adjudicators are being grilled here. I’m high on minute maid  guava. and guava is having an identity crisis over here because it tasted like orange to me.that was rest of the updates. stay tuned.

P.S. we are on a break just like Ross Geller. he was on a break no matter what you think.

Good Morning, we are back and we promise to give you a more detailed update of the debates today! We start again afresh. We promise to mend our ways today!

The rainy morning brings some good news! Our ex-convenors are back, along with some amazing ex-hospitality team members!! Yaaaayyy!! We have Manas Pandey and Mayank Sapre with us for the next two days, folks! We even have Juhi Ma’am and Aditya Veer Singh Sir with us, so we cannot afford any mishaps!! So, LET US GET  STARTED!!!

Motions for round 3:

  1. THW ban all commercial blood sport.(Pro boxing, MMA)
  2. THBT it should be a top priority for every country to provide free health care services to all its citizens.
  3. THBT the UN should build International Refugee Cities

11.31 am Prep time up. Debate starts.

Good to go for 3rd round

11.35 Room 3 debating on 3rd motion about free health care.

11.37: Room 2, PM highlights the responsibility of nation towards its citizens and vice-versa

11.45 Rom 4:Points being put forth on health as basic necessity and investment on health.

Room 3 : Amazing speech by Leader of Opp. Right to life also includes the duty to provide health services.

On another note, our PM turns 66 today and Mr. Ambani is making big money(the Media team is eagerly waiting for the Jio connections!).

Room 3: DPM said that financial liability on State would be higher if health facilities are not properly taken care off.

11.55: The DLO in Room 4 makes a point highlighting the possibility of degrading medical services if they are provided for free.

12:05: Update from Room 16, the DPM talked about prioritization of Fundamental Rights. They say that prioritization is not really possible because every right is just as significant.

The DPM defines “top priority” as something that is more important than any other thing and that means to be done or dealt with first. The DPM does not equates top priority and the wealth of a country and its resources. Infrastructure resources can be put to use only by healthy people and that makes it necessary to provide health services to all.

On another note, we have more happy news!! We have 2 of our extremely sweet seniors from Lucknow visiting us!! Welcome back, Ankit Sir-Meenakshi Ma’am!! Wooohooo! 😀

12.55: A summary of the debate that happened in one of the room: The teams debated on the motion that UN should build international refugee cities. The DLO drew attention to the possible terrorist attraction and gave an example of Somalia. The Government whip, on the other hand, made his stand clear by saying that refugees are victims and not terrorists. He emphasized on the pressing need of having a proper check and balance system for the “wave of refugees”. The Opposition Whip revised on the history of refugees, summarized by providing the characteristics of refugees and highlighting the cheap method of getting a citizenship, that is the refugee citizenship. The Opp whip ended the speech by saying that the fact that some refugees are terrorists cannot be ignored.


The Media Team is a lil hungry and after the amazing breakfast(thank you, Vatsal Sir) is heading for lunch with high hopes! 😀

STAY TUNED for ROUND 4, which is set to begin by 3!


And we are back!!! The weather is being not very kind to us and that’s why the delay! However, the motions are here:

  1. THBT the Judiciary should have the exclusive authority to appoint judges.
  2. THW permanently link minimum wage to essential commodity inflation indices.
  3. THW bar the admission of illegally obtained evidence in courts of law.

The teams are busy with the prep. The excitement level is pretty high! We will soon be flooding your feed with the updates!

On another note, we would like to welcome Sourabh Sir and Farhat Ma’am to the event!! Farhat Ma’am, we miss seeing you as an adjudicator!!

4.26 pm: Room 4: Opposition is talking about judiciary usurping the power and has given a model where Executive body can be used to curtail them.

4.30: Room 1: The opposition has brought up an interesting question and a genuine doubt. They are doubtful that when the judiciary condemns its own decisions in certain cases, how reliable would it be to allow them the exclusive power of appointing judges to the judiciary.

It must be noted that all the motions for Round 4 are related to the justice system and it is absolutely amazing to see how all the teams, irrespective of their background is arguing so meticulously on all the motions.

4.32: Room 2: Debate on how subsidies are a deterrent in flow of money and thus, economy.

Further updates from Room 2:

The DPM of NUJS III, quite meticulously substantiated their case on the basis of 2 constructives. To the question as to why their situation is more redistributive, it was said by the DPM that ignoring all inflation rates, the rich minority always happen to maintain a steady income and at the same time, common workers suffer which is absolutely abhorable.  By linking a minimum wage, the Govt. intends to change the status quo for the better. Secondly, it was pointed out that minimum wages are often undermined by the Govt. and the relevant authority in order to incentivize the companies to invest but more often than not it is witnessed that the lives and right of common people are compromised with.

A brief from Room 3 where the teams NUJS II and Raizada &Grandsons debated upon the power of Judiciary to appoint judges:

The DLO highlighted the existence of checks and balances only in matters of expulsion of judges. Art 124 was also argued upon by the DLO. The DLO entirely based his constructive on the principle of NO MAN CAN BE A JUDGE IN HIS OWN CASE. They talked about the record of judiciary when it comes to accountability and arbitrariness. Examples of Justice AK Ganguly and Swatantra Kumar was provided to substantiate his case.


Opposition said “Judiciary is a classic example of creepy tyranny.”

The Opp also contended that even though issues like impeachment is addressed by specific provisions but other significant issues like non-performance and corruption are either not addressed or are based on flimsy grounds and weak administrative processes.

Just one round before breaks and we are also waiting for moog dal ka halwa (note Vatsal Verma).

and the motions for this rounds are:-

  1. TH DGAF about Parliamentary Language .
  2. THBT consensual fucking on the promise of marriage should not amount to rape.
  3. Assuming the technology does or will exist THW prevent people from having VR fucking sessions with VR replicas of people without their consent.

6.46 p.m. room 8 very classy line from this room “I’ll have to fuck every guy I marry BUT NOT MARRY EVERY GUY I FUCK!”

A brief of updates from all the rooms:

The favourite motion of the teams for this round was that consensual fucking on the promise of marriage should not amount to rape. The props highlighted the fact that there could be unforeseen  circumstances that could make one incapable of fulfilling the promise or there could be an unwillingness on the part of the family. Some props emphasized on the essential elements required for committing the crime and the point was effectively rebutted by some oppositions who said that the basis of consent was the promise of marriage.

After the crazy break night and announcement of breaks we bring to you the breaks little late but….

Novice teams breaks



Nirahua Rickshawala


Team Breaks


Lal Salaam



Two Girls One Boy


Aam Aadmi

Dept. of Law UU


Shristi Rongpipi

Vipul Nanda

Harshit Goel

Rishika Sharma

Shivam Narain

Ishwar Priyadarshi

Kirti Sharma

Pratik Ranjan Das

Garima Tripathi

Piyush Goyal

Md. Zaid

Chinmoy Dey

Soumyadeep Guha

Aparna Guha

Raj Kiran Tripathy

Siddhi Ashna

Prashansa Agarwal


Shiksha Srivastva

Somit Kr.Singh

Sunil Kr. Yadav

Vedant Sharma

Sadhu Samba Kailash


THW assassinate Kim Jong Un.

THBT EU is doomed.

THBT ASEAN  should form alliances against China to stay relevant.

12.30 The rounds begin prep time over.

Up with the updates, here it goes. we bring you the gist of the debate directly from room no. 1. The Motion ” assassinate Kim  Jong  Un.

PM did set the house as the house of North Korea and supported the assassination of Kim. He then furiously called him an “Idiot”. He further said  that Kim is incorrigible. “A dickhead ruling us.”  was surprisingly a statement made by the Prime Minister. The PM in Room 1 harped on the need of the assassination but on the other hand, the opposition posed the question as to who would carry on the assassination.

Out of 6 match-ups, 5 debated on the motion of assassination of Kim Jong Un and the teams of Lal Salaam v. Aam Aadmi Party debated on the motion if EU is doomed.

The Opposition whip in Room 4 rebutted the prop very well by posing the question that given the ideologies of the people of North Korea, who would be filing the political vacuum that would be created by assassinating the Supreme Leader. Another rebuttal was that since it is a political family which has been ruling in North Korea, there is no guarantee that Kim Jong Un would not be replaced by a person who is just as arbitrary and delusional like Kim.

The semi finals saw teams debating on motions related to Governance and Democracy and after a fierce round of debating, 2 teams from WBNUJS have qualified to the finals!! The NUJS contingent is already rejoicing!

The motion for the GRAND FINALE

THBT Indian government should give full territorial autonomy to the state of Jammu&Kashmir.

Prep time’s on!! Stay tuned in!!

For the live feeds of the finale do visit our page!!!




Winning team- NUJS 2

Runners up- NUJS 4

Best adj- Md. Zaid

Second Best Adj- Somayadeep Guha

Best speaker- Sanchit

With this we come to an end of not only the tournament but also of the journey that these teams had here in CNLU alongside the students of CNLU it was a memory created and which will be cherished for a long long time.

Debating is a drug in itself when it gives you friends and even rivals it feels empowering and this time of the CNLU PD has done the same to us all

And yes it is an emotional time for us all here at CNLU because this is the same moment our last convenor went through last year in the 7th CNLU PD the time of happiness that another successful PD will bring smile to YASHWANT and SIDDHANT’ S faces but being in the final year will have that emotional turmoil inside one nobody other than them would understand and the show off they are we will never even know #being_cool.

Well with this we end this years gala. bye!!

The media Team signs off.

Oyshee Gupta

Priyank Nanda

Rishikesh Kumar

Vaibhav Shukla

Aayushya Prakash

Tarun Kulhar

IN the end if you guys missed the debate we have the videos on our page:


And blogging last message I get special mention so this is Vaibhav Shukla!! goodbye

Wait for the 9th PD CNLU.

The wait begins!

Word Count reaches 2600! 😀


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