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“Petitioner is conscious of the fact that he is a Christian and his marriage is with a Christian lady and the marriage is solemnized in a church as per the Christian rites and church formalities.”

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by Spenta Havewala Kapadia*

A Rundown on Law Relating to Wills, Letters of Administration, Succession Certificates and Heirship Certificates

Madras High Court
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Madras High Court: G R Swaminathan J. dismissed the petition of an inter-faith couple seeking registration of their self-respect marriage on the

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Allahabad High Court: The Division Bench of Brij Raj Singh and Ramesh Sinha, JJ. dismissed a criminal appeal which was filed under

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Kerala High Court: Raja Vijayaraghavan V, J., held that marrying a Christian man would not wipe off the benefit of a reservation

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Madras High Court: C.V. Karthikeyan, J., expressed that, “One of the basic tenets to be followed by every Hindu is tolerance. Tolerance

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by Devanshu Sajlan*

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Kerala High Court: N.Nagaresh, J., heard the instant petition against the order of Scrutiny Committee for Verification of Community Certificates, whereby the