Disclosure sought in relation to public funds made available to MLAs justified

Allahabad High Court: Dismissing the petition filed by the petitioner against the disclosure sought by the Project Director of the District Rural Development Agency of the list of three batches of  students who have received education in the school, in response to petitioner’s application for release of Rs 25 lakhs for the benefit of school under the funds made available to the members of Legislative Assembly, the division bench of Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud C.J and Dilip Gupta J. held that the purpose of disclosure sought  is to ensure that public funds which are made available to elected Members of the Legislative Assembly are disbursed and utilized for genuine public purposes as they emanate from public revenue and must not be siphoned away for extraneous reasons. S.S. Public High School v. State of U.P. Thru Secy, Writ- C No. – 21436 of 2014, decided on April 16th of 2014

For the text of the judgment, click here

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