2023 SCC Vol. 9 Part 3

Liquidated Damages: In this article, the author clarifies misconceptions which have arisen about Section 74 of the Contract Act because of certain later judgments, in India. [Liquidated Damages: Misconceptions and Misconstructions by Ketan D. Parikh, (2023) 9 SCC (J-1)]

Use of Forensic Science: This article delves upon exploring wider usage of forensic understanding beyond courtroom proceedings. [Spreading Wings of Forensic Science by Dr G.K. Goswami and Aditi Goswami, (2023) 9 SCC (J-18)]

Animals, Birds and Fish — Animal Rights & Welfare and Permissible Activities & Sports: Law laid down relating to Competent authority to determine extent to which pain and suffering caused to animals by human intervention, is permissible. [Animal Welfare Board of India v. Union of India, (2023) 9 SCC 322]

W.B. Societies Registration Act, 1961 (26 of 1961) — S. 7 and 26: Cancellation of registration by Registrar in absence of any specific provision granting such authority, whether permissible, explained. Principles clarified relating to applicability of S. 22 of the Bengal GCA and scope of powers of Registrar. [Chen Khoi Kui v. Liang Miao Sheng, (2023) 9 SCC 376]

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 — S. 11(6): Principles summarised relating to scope and ambit of jurisdiction of Court at pre-referral stage. [NTPC Ltd. v. SPML Infra Ltd., (2023) 9 SCC 385]

Marine Insurance Act, 1963 — S. 35 — Insurance claim on sinking of insured sea vessel: Valid Class Certificate is necessary for availing insurance policy benefits. [Hind Offshore (P) Ltd. v. Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd., (2023) 9 SCC 407]

Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 — Ss. 34 and 37: Interference with award on quantum of damages and mitigation of losses, when not warranted, explained. [H.J. Baker & Bros. Inc. v. MMTC Ltd., (2023) 9 SCC 424]

Constitution of India — Art. 21 — Right to reproductive autonomy: Right to reproductive autonomy forms part of rights to personal liberty, privacy and bodily integrity encompassed under Art. 21. Decisional autonomy of woman to procreate or not, is an integral part of right to privacy. Woman is ultimate decision maker whether to continue with pregnancy or to terminate unwanted pregnancy, considering consequences relating to her vital aspects of physical and mental health and life. [X v. State (NCT of Delhi), (2023) 9 SCC 433]

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