2023 SCC Vol. 7 Part 4

Constitution of India — Arts. 14, 15 and 16 — Reservation — Sub-classification: T.N. Special Reservation of Seats in Educational Institutions including Private Educational Institutions and of Appointments or Posts in the Services under the State within the Reservation for the Most Backward Classes and Denotified Communities Act, 2021 granting internal reservation of 10.5% to Vanniakula Kshatriyas out of 20% reservation available to Denotified Communities and Most Backward Castes (DNCs & MBCs), held, invalid as the said sub-classification failed the tests of valid classification. [Pattali Makkal Katchi v. A. Mayilerumperumal, (2023) 7 SCC 481]

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — S. 438(2) — Anticipatory bail — Condition(s) that may be imposed for grant of — Imposition of condition of deposit/payment of amount(s) allegedly cheated by accused (Ss. 420/406/34 IPC) — Legality of: Principles clarified re cases in which money allegedly misappropriated should be directed to be deposited before the application for anticipatory bail/bail is taken up for final consideration, or as a condition for grant of anticipatory bail/bail. [Ramesh Kumar v. State (NCT of Delhi), (2023) 7 SCC 461]

Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 — Ss. 401 and 239: Principles explained, relating to permissibility of discharge in exercise of revisional power. [Manjit Singh Virdi v. Hussain Mohammed Shattaf, (2023) 7 SCC 633]

Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 — S. 6 (as it stood prior to amendment dt. 16-8-2023) — Sentence: Imposition of less than minimum prescribed thereunder (of 10 yrs’ RI at the relevant time) is impermissible, even when the accused had moved ahead in life. [State of U.P. v. Sonu Kushwaha, (2023) 7 SCC 475]

Securities, Markets and Exchanges — Securities — Shares: Issue of shares prior to increase of authorised share capital is not permissible, when existing authorised capital already fully subscribed and also paid-up Validity of allocation of shares and increase in authorized capital of closely held private limited company, determined. [Hasmukhlal Madhavlal Patel v. Ambika Food Products (P) Ltd., (2023) 7 SCC 580]

Service Law — Appointment — Eligibility conditions/criteria — Character/Antecedents — Verification of character and antecedents: Law summarised re effect of suppression of relevant information pertaining to pendency of criminal cases, on appointment. [Satish Chandra Yadav v. Union of India, (2023) 7 SCC 536]

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