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The Supreme Court has notified that only urgent matters will be listed for hearing w.e.f. 22.04.2021.

The Circular, further, states that

  • the Advocate-on-Record/Party-in-Person may send signed and verified mentioning-application along with synopsis containing the grounds of urgency not exceeding one page in the fresh matter only by e-mail at the email address on working days by 1.00 PM (Monday to Friday) and by 11.30 AM (Saturday) and the same shall be processed for listing on the next to next working day, subject to availability of the concerned Bench and approval of the Competent Authority. The mentioning applications received thereafter shall be processed for listing on the working day after the next to next working day. and
  • the Advocate-on-Record/Party-in-Person may send signed and verified mentioning-application along with synopsis containing the grounds of urgency not exceeding one page in the IA (Interlocutory Application) in pending matter and Miscellaneous Application (MA) in disposed of matter only by e-mail at the email address on working days by 1.00 PM (Monday to Friday) and by 11.30 AM (Saturday) and the same shall be processed for listing on the next to next working day, subject to availability of the concerned Bench and approval of the Competent Authority. The mentioning applications received thereafter shall be processed for listing on the working day after the next to next working day, subject to availability of the concerned Bench and approval of the Competent Authority.

Here are the matters that are treated as “urgent” as per circular Number F.No. 9/Judl.(I)/2019 dated 23rd January, 2019

  1. Matters in which death penalty has been awarded;
  2. Petition for habeas corpus and matters relating to it
  3. Matters relating to imminent apprehension of demolition of property:
  4. Matters relating to dispossession/eviction;
  5. Matters for anticipatory bail and matters filed against orders refusing/granting bail;
  6. Matters relating to Admission in Educational Institutions -where schedule for admission in any educational institution is going to close and session is yet to start
  7. Matters relating to Contempt of Court where specific date has been fixed by the High Court for reporting compliance
  8. Election matters where the notification has already been issued and the last date fixed for filing of nomination/withdrawal/election is going to expire;
  9. Matters relating to leases, govt. contracts and contracts by local bodies matters in which date of auction/bidding of tender has been fixed;
  10. Transfer Petitions – seeking transfer of matters which are fixed for final hearing or for personal appearance;
  11. Matters in which date of auction or sealing of the premises is fixed or action for attachment of accounts or encashment of Bank (Guarantee has been initiated.
  12. Matters pertaining to custody of child;
  13. Matters pertaining to medical termination of pregnancy;
  14. LAs filed in above mentioned categories of matters; and
  15. Any other matter which, in. the opinion of concerned Registrar, requires listed mentioning.

Telangana High Court
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Consequent to complete lockdown declared by Government of Telangana till 07-05-2020, the suspension of Regular Judicial Work and Administrative Work in the High Court extended till 07-05-2020. However, the High Court will continue to take up pending admission matters, in addition to extreme urgent matters as mentioned in earlier circulars.

Access the Notification here: NOTIFICATION

Telangana High Court

[Notification dt. 25-04-2020]

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Chief Justice Justice of Madras High Court issues the following further directions with reference to the mode of filing and hearing of cases in the Principal Seat at Madras in view of the COVID 19 Outbreak :-

1. In view of the inconvenience to be faced by the lawyers, litigant etc. in physically attending court proceeding due to lockdown, court proceeding of extreme urgent matters shall be conducted via video-conferencing or otherwise through the mode which is compatible to the Registry from time to time.

2. For all matters involving extreme urgency, the Advocate/Party is first required to send the scanned copy of the Petition/Application/Grounds of appeal along with the requisite documents as filed physically in the Registry in support of their case, the scanned copy of Memo containing not more than 200 words citing attention to be required to hear the case during this exigency and the precisely made Written Arguments in PDF Format to the email ID – and to the email ID of the Designated Officer concerned of the Registry.

3. If Advocate/Party intend to file Petition/Appeal/Application against Union or State during this exigency, the Carbon Copy (CC) of the same is required to be marked to the respective Law Officers.

4. The said Memo shall inter-alia clearly contain the case-details, contact-details of the Advocate/Party including e-mail id, mobile number and alternate number(s), Enrolment number and residence/office address with Pin Code. The said Memo shall also contain the undertaking that they will abide with the instructions given by the Information Technology Wing of the Registry for effective functioning of Court through Video Conferencing.

5. The Court fee and other charges, if payable to the Petition/Application/Appeal so filed, shall be remitted through E-stamping facility by utilizing the services of STOCK HOLIDING CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED (SHCIL) through on-line mode or otherwise and the scanned acknowledgement receipt for the said remittance shall be sent along with the copy of the Petition/Application/Appeal.

6. Advocates/Parties are required to remit Court fee and other charges that are payable to the Appeals/Petitions/Applications so far filed through email and Registered by the Registry ie., from 26.03.2020 to 17.04.2020 within the period of two weeks from the date of Functioning of Regular Court.

7. Upon receipt of the case papers along with the Memo, the same shall be placed before the Court concerned through e-mode, for obtaining permission by the Registry. If the Hon hie Court concerned so directs, then only the case will be taken up on file, otherwise, the case shall deemed to be considered as non-emergent case.

8. Upon receipt of the permission from the Court concerned for entertaining the case, the same shall be intimated to the Advocate/Party, if the Court considers as necessary, by the Designated Officer by return of email or by other means of communication as per the directions of the Court concerned.

9. If the Court insists for the hard copy of the case papers, the Advocate/Party shall make necessary arrangements to furnish hard copy of the case papers that are sent through e-mail. The said hard copy of the case papers shall be handover to the Registry in the Pass Counters near Dr.Ambedkar Statue in the High Court campus from 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. during Court working days.

10. The Registry would act only upon such emails that are sent to the email ID as specified above, and reply would be sent by the Designated Officer concerned, only when the Court so directs, to the same email ID from where the request would have come or by other means of communication as per the directions of the Court concerned.

11. Instructions for participating Court Proceedings through Video Conferencing facility will be intimated to the Advocates/Parties by the Registry.

Click on the link below to read the notification: 


Madras High Court

[Notification dt. 17-04-2020]

Case BriefsCOVID 19High Courts

Bombay High Court: A Full Court of  B.P. Dharmadhikari CJ, and A.A. Sayed, S.S. Shinde, K.K. Tated, JJ. while dealing with an urgent petition, held that,

“…interim orders and arrangement continued by an order dated 26th March 2020 till 30th April 2020 shall continue further till 15th June 2020.”

Bench also clarified that while calculating time for disposal of matters made time bound by this Court, period for which the order dated 26-03-2020 continues to operate shall be added and time shall stand extended accordingly. [Extensions of Interim Orders, In re., WP Urgent 2 of 2020, decided on 15-04-2020]

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For effective control and containment over Spread of corona Virus, in supersession of all previous directions, following directions are issued for Subordinate Courts/Special Courts/ tribunals which shall remain in force till 03.05.2020 and/or till further orders:-

1. Only extremely urgent matters be taken up.

i. Subordinate courts of Rajasthan shall take up only the following extremely urgent matters till 03.05.2020:-

(a) Bail Applications, Appeals under Special Acts regarding bails.

(b) Remand matters
(c) Injunction/stay Applications,
(d) Supurdagi Applications.

(e)Statements under Section 164 Cr.P.C. including dying declarations.

(f)  Any other extremely urgent matter to be decided by the concerned Presiding Officer deputed by the District Judge for hearing urgent matters.

(g)  All other matters shall be adjourned suitably subject to further directions.

ii. The extremely urgent matters shall be taken up through video conference by Video/whatsapp/skype or voice call or any other convenient mode. For this purpose, All-in-one Computer available in each Court and the smart phones with official SIM available in district courts for electronic service of processes (NSTEP) may be used.

iii. In matters having no urgency, common dates shall be given and notice thereof be published on official web site of each judgeship so that the lawyers and litigants would get the next dates without coming to the court. Efforts be also made to update the dates in CIS as far as possible.

iv. As per directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court Vide order dated 23.03.2020 in Suo Motu Writ Petition (Civil) No. 3/2020 In Re: Cognizance for Extension of Limitation, prescribed limitation for filing of petitions/applications/suits/appeals and other proceedings shall stand extended w.e.f. 15‘“ March 2020 til further orders by Hon’ble Supreme Court.

v. Filing of only fresh urgent cases/applications may be made on official email address notified by the concerned District Judge with the condition to present the hard—copy file before jurisdictional court soon after the regular work resumes. The filing through email shall be entertained only when mobile number which is having whatsapp or the skype account address and email address are mentioned. The court deputed for urgent work will forward all the papers to the jurisdictional court after the regular work resumes. A matter filed through email shall be treated to be filed only when it is actually taken up by the court.

vi. The District Judges are authorized to depute bare essential judicial officers on rotational basis at each court complex for hearing of urgent matters. Only those bare minimum Judicial Officers are required to come to court who have been deputed by the concerned District Judge for urgent work. Remaining judicial officers would not be required to attend the office but shall remain available at home during office timings.

vii. The District Judges are empowered to depute the officers of District Judge cadre for urgent work of Family Courts/Special Courts/Tribunals in addition to other urgent work assigned to them.

viii. Only bare essential court staff required to manage the above urgent work shall be called on rotational basis. Sitting arrangement of the staff shall be in such a manner so as to maintain required physical distance between them. Remaining staff would not be required to attend the office but shall remain available at home during office timings.

ix. The Presiding Officers deputed for urgent work shall hold court only between 02.00 pm to 04.00pm.

x. The State Government has imposed ban on the private vehicles, however judicial officers and court staff have been allowed to use their private vehicles for attending the office, therefore they are directed to carry official identity card with them.

2. Steps to limit the gatherings in court rooms and court premises

i. Subordinate courts shall not insist on the presence of the parties unless it is very essential and unavoidable.

ii. The requests for personal exemption of accused / complainant / witnesses / parties shall be accordingly considered and adverse orders be avoided for their absence.

iii. Only litigants whose presence is required by the court shall be permitted to attend the court with his lawyer. Litigants who are appearing in person shall be permitted entry.

iv. The processes for service of the witnesses issued for the dates upto 03.05.2020 shall be returned unserved to the concerned court. Concerned police officials shall be requested accordingly.

v. The directions issued for extension of remand vide this office letter no. Gen/XV/43/2020/2600 dated 29.03.2020 shall remain in force till 03.05.2020.

vi. Concerned Bar Associations shall be requested to make the advocates aware to advise and persuade the litigants not to Visit the court premises unless it is very essential and unavoidable.

vii. Entry of Law Students and Interns shall remain prohibited in court premises.

viii.To avoid public gatherings and crowding, no function or other event of mass gathering shall be permitted in the court premises.

ix. Mediation proceedings shall be held only in urgent matters.

3. Other Preventive measures

i. Hand sanitizers shall be provided in all court rooms and offices for use of Advocates, litigants and court staff.

ii. Court staff who deal with files and come in frequent contact with advocates, litigants and Visitors shall be provided with masks and gloves for regular use during working hours.

iii. The advocates are permitted to use masks in courts.

iv. The advocates are exempted to wear coats till 03.05.2020.

v. In all the court rooms and offices, toilets, door handles, chairs, tables, gates, railings and other things shall be disinfected regularly at least twice a day by mopping through 1% hypochlorite and Benzoic Acid.

vi. Court staff suffering from cold/cough or sneezing are advised to take leave and follow the medical advise.

vii. All canteens and shops selling food articles in the court premises shall remain closed till 03.05.2020. However, drinking water arrangements shall be duly ensured. One photocopy shop in each court complex shall be kept open on every working day on rotational basis to be decided by concerned District Judge at District Hq. and Senior most judicial officer on outlying Hqs. All preventive measures shall be strictly observed while maintaining social distancing on these shops.

viii.Director General of Police shall be requested to depute adequate number of police personnel at the entry gates of all court complexes to regulate the entry of visitors in consultation with District Judge/Presiding officer concerned till 03.05.2020.

ix. The State Government has appointed District Collectors as Nodal Officers in each District for effective control over spread of Corona Virus. In co-ordination with these Nodal Officers, para medical personnel be deployed in all the court complexes for primary medical Check up of the entrants of court premises so that appropriate steps for suspected infectants may be timely taken up.

x. The Advocates having Chambers in Subordinate courts are advised against attending their chambers as they would require to be Closed due to lack of Cleaning and conservancy services.

4. Monitoring

A committee of one Judicial Officer, Bar President and one senior court staff be constituted for every court complex to supervise and monitor the situation on daily basis, to ensure compliance of these directions and to take appropriate remedial steps.

5. All concerned shall ensure the preventive and remedial measures as instructed or advised from time to time by the Central/State Governments and other competent authorities.

Rajasthan high Court

[Circular dt. 14-04-2020]

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NGT Benches shall be restricted only to urgent matters till the 03-05-2020 to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus.

In pursuance with extension of lockdown in the country to prevent spread of Novel Corona Virus till 03.05.2020 and in continuation of the Office Order dated 25.03.2020, on the above subject, it is hereby notified for all concerned that the instructions issued vide NGT order No. NGT/PB/87Admn/2016/583 (AD) dated 23.03.2020 shall remain in force till 03.05.2020, after which the situation will be reviewed.

National Green Tribunal

[Office Order dt. 14-04-2020]

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It is hereby notified for information of all concerned that upon consideration of the prevailing situation of the pandemic of COVID-19 (Corona Virus), the Hon’ble the Chief Justice, High Court, Calcutta has been pleased to direct that the order of suspension of regular works of the Hon’ble Court and its Circuit Benches, and also in the Subordinate Courts/Offices under its control, as contained in the Court’s Notification No. 1498-RG dated 24.03.2020 read with Corrigendum No. 1504-RG dated 24.03.2020, shall continue to operate till 30th April, 2020.

The Chief Justice has further been pleased to direct that during the period from 9-04-2020 to 30-04-2020, there shall be two Division Benches and three Single Benches on each day, i.e. on 16.04.2020, 21.04.2020, 23.04.2020, 28.04.2020 and 30.04.2020, for taking up extremely urgent matters through Microsoft Teams or other electronic medium.

*To read the detailed notification, please follow the link:


Calcutta High Court

[Notification dt. 08-04-2020]

Telangana High Court
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Considering the fact that the lockdown may be lifted in a phased manner and 100% opening of the courts may lead to congregation of the people in the court premises, the Full Court has resolved to continue the present arrangement with regard to the functioning of the High Court and the District Courts till April 30, 2020.

At the High Court level only extreme urgent matters namely Bail applications, stay applications fresh admissions such as PILs will be taken up.

At the District Courts level, extremely urgent criminal and civil matters such as bail applications, remand, extension of remand, interim injunctions etc. will be entertained.

The situation will be reviewed on April 25, 2020. It is also resolved to cancel the Summer Vacation both for the High Court as well as the Subordinate Courts and all the courts in the State shall continue to function throughout May 2020 till 5th June, 2020.

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In continuation of the directions issued vide Office Order No. 157/ RG/DHC/2020 dated 23.03.2020, this Court shall continue hearing extremely urgent matters through videoconferencing, till further orders.

Besides continuing with the steps listed in the said office order, it is further clarified as follows:

1) Mentioning of urgent matters shall continue before the designated Registrars/Joint Registrars, as before.

2) Mentioning is permitted only by the “Counsel on record “.

3) The timings fixed for said purpose may be adhered to.

4) Wherever any request for urgent mentioning is declined by the designated Registrar/Joint Registrar, the concerned “Counsel on record ” shall have an option to re-submit the same for consideration by this Court through a clickable link

5) The aforesaid link shall be available on all working days from 12 Noon to 2.00 pm.

6) Urgency must be explained by uploading a pdf file comprising of one page (not more than 5 MB in size).

7) All the mandatory fields mentioned in said link must be filled up, failing which, the said request will not be processed.

8) If on reconsideration, the matter is found to be of an extremely urgent nature, the concerned Registrar shall immediately inform all concerned about the date and time of listing.

9) Only soft copies of the documents shall be entertained & they may be forwarded to the designated email.

10) In view of the prevailing circumstances, an application shall be submitted with a prayer for exemption from filing duly affirmed affidavit(s) along with an undertaking to pay the court fees/deficit court fees which shall be deposited within 72 hours from the date of resumption of the regular functioning of this Court.

11) Hearing in all such matters shall be conducted through videoconferencing which can be joined by the concerned counsel from their respective residences/offices, as is already being done.

Delhi High Court

[Notice dt. 04-04-2020]

Telangana High Court
Case BriefsCOVID 19High Courts

Telangana High Court at Hyderabad: Full Bench of Chief Justice and M.S. Ramachandra Rao and A. Rajasheker Reddy, JJ. in view of the lockdown and limited functioning of Courts have extended the period of Interim Orders till 07-06-2020 and Orders of Executing Courts shall be kept in abeyance.

Government enforced strong measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Nationwide lockdown was also declared on 25-03-2020 for a period of 21 days.

In view of the lockdown due to which the functioning of courts had been restricted, routine matters have been adjourned en bloc to particular dates in month of April. Considering the same, advocates and litigants have not been in a position to appear in the said matters.

As a result, interim orders operating in favour of parties have expired or will expire on or after 20-03-2020.

Court on perusal of the above circumstances, orders that in all matters pending before this Court, and Courts Subordinate to this Court, wherein interim orders were subsisting as on 20-03-2020 and expired, or will expire thereafter, the same shall stand automatically extended till 07-06-2020.

After 15-02-2020, Executing Courts passed directions to bailiffs for executing decrees and dispossessing judgment debtors. Bailiffs in these cases are continuing ti implement said orders, however, judgment debtors do not have means of challenging the said order, hence, Bench directs that any such order shall be kept in abeyance and shall not be executed till further orders.

[In Re: Extension of Interim Orders and Abeyance of Execution Orders, WP No. Urgent 1/2020, decided on 27-03-2020]

Telangana High Court
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Telangana High Court declares suspension of regular Judicial and Administrative work till 14-04-2020. However, High Court will take up extreme urgent matters on Monday, Wednesday and Friday till 14-04-2020 through video conference/ Skype.

  • Advocates/Litigant public shall submit their urgent matters/cases to High Court by way of email to Registrar General ( along with brief reasons for taking up the matter urgently.
  • Staff members except those who are drawn for urgent judicial work, need not attend the office. Their absence will be treated as on duty.
  • Concerned members of Bar, Litigants are requested to note order dated 23-03-2020 passed by Supreme Court of India (.2020 SCC OnLine SC 343, In Re: Cognizance For Extension of Limitation).

To read the detailed Circular, please follow the link below:


Telangana High Court

[Notification dt. 27-03-2020]

COVID 19Hot Off The PressNews

In continuation / modifiction of earlier directions the Honourable the Chief Justice has been pleased to give the following directions in respect of working of High Court at Bombay Benches at Nagpur and Aurangabad and High Court at Bombay at Goa for the period during 31st March 2020 to 15th April, 2020.

1. There will be one Court for hearing all Civil Matters and one Court for taking all Criminal Matters. The fresh matters of extremely urgent nature can be presented to respective Hon’ble Single Judge at 12.00 noon on Friday, 3rd April, 2020, Wednesday 8th April, 2020 and 15th April, 2020.

2. The Advocate shall make available extra / additional copy of petition / proceeding to the Hon’ble Court.

3. In case it is found that matters that are not extremely urgent are moved, exemplary costs would be imposed.

In respect of placing of matters on the board, it is hereby notified for the information of the Advocates and Parties appearing in person that, due to outbreak of Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) as global pandemic advising against congregation, the Hon’ble the Chief Justice has been pleased to nominate the following Hon’ble Judges to hear extremely urgent Judicial matters on Friday 3rd April 2020, Wednesday 8th April 2020 and Wednesday 15th April 2020 between 12.00 noon to 2.00 p.m. at the Principal Seat at Bombay, Nagpur Bench, Aurangabad Bench and High Court of Bombay at Goa, Panaji.

*Read the detailed notice here: NOTICE

Bombay High Court

[Notice dt. 26-03-2020]

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Chennai as one of the 75 districts affected with a confirmed case of COVID-19, State of Tamil Nadu has imposed the following conditions as to the restricted functioning of the High Court confining only to extremely urgent matters.

Cause list and functioning with effect from tomorrow i.e., 24-03-2020 shall further stand modified as follows:

  • Two Division Benches dealing with all urgent fresh Criminal and Civil matters separately and there shall be 5 Single Benches.
  • Lawyers be requested to not operate from Chambers and they be requested no to invite the litigants inside unless it is absolutely imperative either for their personal presence that may be required on orders of the Court or for personal verification as per directions of Registry.
  • Filing be limited to only urgent matter, which shall be for a period of 3 weeks from now only on the permission to be granted by respective Courts exercising jurisdiction either Criminal or Civil Side as per roster to be given effect to tomorrow.

*To read the detailed circular, please click on the link below:


Madras High Court

[Circular dt. 23-03-2020]

COVID 19Hot Off The PressNews

The Honourable Chief Justice has issued the following order to deal with the present crisis:

Considering the gravity of situation prevailing not only in the State of Gujarat but also in the entire nation, after due consultation with Honourable Members of the Standing Committee, learned Advocate General, learned Public Prosecutor, learned Government Pleader, learned Assistant Solicitor General and the President of the Gujarat High Court Advocates’ Association, it has been decided to take up all extremely urgent matters, both on the civil and criminal side, in continuation of the previous orders issued, to be by Video Conferencing. This will be effective with effect from Monday, the 23rd March, 2020. The matters already fixed by the respective Courts for Monday, 23rd March, 2020 will be taken up by the newly assigned Division Bench and the learned Single Judge in their physical form in their respective Courts. No fresh filing in physical form will be accepted from Monday, 23rd March, 2020. However, the matters which have already been presented in the Registry, and in which mention for urgency is accepted during this crisis period, no soft copy would be required. The arguments thereof, however, will be through video conferencing only. The matters in which mention for being urgent, made before the assigned Benches on Monday, 23rd March, 2020 and accepted for being taken up on the same day, may be in the physical form. The modalities for submitting soft copies of the petition and connectivity by way of Video Conferencing are provided in detail in the attached methodology. This will curtail the movement of judges, lawyers, staff of the High Court as also the staff of the lawyers and the litigants. The Honourable Judges will work from their respective chambers whereas others will be able to work from home or their office.

One Division Bench for all civil & criminal matters and one Single Judge Bench for all civil & criminal matters would be nominated by the Chief Justice for the said purpose. The Benches may change from day to day or remain the same as the Chief Justice may deem fit.

Matters where judgment is to be pronounced, would be notified through SMS & Email to the respective lawyers appearing in the matters and a link of Zoom Cloud Meeting would be sent indicating the time also so that respective lawyers may get connected and hear the pronouncement.

The above measures are being taken only for the period of the crisis presently prevailing. As soon as, normal functioning starts, the above system will cease.

*To read the detailed circular, please click on the link below:


Gujarat High Court

[Circular dt. 23-03-2020]

Kerala High Court
COVID 19Hot Off The PressNews

ln view of the advisory issued by the Government cautioning against mass gathering to avoid the spread Of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and the discussions in the Full Court Meeting held on 20.03.2020, the following interim arrangements are made for regulating the Court Proceedings in all the Courts in the High Court, until further orders:

1. Filing of all papers in the Filing Section of the Registry will be permitted only up to 12.30 p.m.. on all filing days;

2. Only very urgent admission matters will be posted before the Court. Counsel who desire to bring up any fresh admission matter before the Courts, should file a memo along with the admission file, stating specific reasons as to why the consideration Of the matter cannot be deferred till the reopening Of the Court after the Mid-Summer vacation-2020. The Registrar (Judicial) shall, after examining these requests, send only matters which are very urgent before the Court. The Counsel who are aggrieved by the decision Of the Registrar(Judicial) shall obtain prior permission from the Court for posting the case;

3. No petition other than petition for extension of stay/interim order will be posted before the Court. If anyone requires any urgent petition to be posted before the Court, the same can be done only with the prior permission of the Court;

4. Prior permission in respect Of all matters (Single Judge & Division Bench) as required in Sl. No. 2 & 3 above will be issued only by the Division Bench and that too in extremely urgent cases only. In matters relating to Single Judge also, mentioning of urgent matters for prior permission will be granted only in the Division Bench dealing with the subject. No mentioning for prior permission will be permitted before the Single Judge;

5. All petitions in which the stay/interim order expires on or before the reopening of the Court (18.05.2020), will be posted in Court concerned as per the usual procedure. No representation is required for extension of stay/interim orders. Stay/interim order will be extended till the reopening Of the Court and the cases will be posted in the reopening week;

6. No case will be listed normally for hearing in the Courts. No weekly hearing or daily hearing/disposal list will be published. In case Of extreme urgency for hearing, the memo requesting for hearing duly consented by Counsel for all parties in the case shall be filed and the same will be placed before the Honourable Judge concerned and the cases will be posted for hearing as per the orders of the Honourable Judge;

7. In order to reduce the large gathering in the Admission Courts, more number Of Courts will take up admission matters in writs and criminal jurisdiction;

8. In order to avoid the crowding of Advocates/Clerks in the Judicial Sections, the following arrangements will be made:

a) About half the number of Filing Scrutiny Officers will be shifted to a new location near to the present Filing Section, to the maximum extent possible;

b) Help Desk will be provided jn the entrance Of the Copying Section, Court Officers’ Section & Data Entry Section and all papers/query be furnished by the Counsel/Clerks at the Help Desk. Entry inside these Sections will be permitted only in extremely urgent cases and that too when services could not be provided from the Help Desk;

9. The interns/trainees are advised to abstain from attending Courts/Chambers;

10. Staff will be permitted to abstain from attending office on rotation basis. Guidelines/Procedure for regulating the presence of staff jn office will be issued by the Registrar General, after assessing the requirements and taking into consideration government orders in this regard.

Court shall remain closed in 21-03-2020 and 28-03-2020.

High Court of Kerala

[Notice dt. 20-03-2020]

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In continuation / modification of the directions issued on 14th March 2020 and 16th March 2020, the Hon’ble the Acting Chief Justice has been pleased to give the following directions in respect of the working of High Court at Bombay, Benches at Nagpur and Aurangabad and High Court of Bombay at Goa for the week commencing from 23rd March 2020.

1. The Principal seat and its Benches and High Court of Bombay at Goa shall be taking up only extremely urgent matters on Monday, the 23rd March 2020 and Thursday, the 26th March 2020 between 12 noon to 2.00 p.m., and shall not transact judicial work on 24th and 27th March 2020. However, filing shall continue;

2. The praecipe for circulation for Monday i.e. 23rd March 2020 shall be sent only through E-mails (i) and (ii) on 20th March 2020 and that for 26th March 2020 would be sent on 23rd March 2020 before 11.00 A.M. No oral mentioning would be permitted. If praecipe is allowed, then only the matter would be listed on board;

3. The assignment shall be separately published as is done during the Vacations;

4. The Registry shall call for the staff as may be required for the two working days during the week;

5. The Advocates, Litigants and Public are requested to circulate only extremely urgent matters that cannot wait beyond the next week.

Bombay High Court

[Circular dt. 19-03-2020]

Acting Chief Justice of Bombay High Court directs the Registry to call only the staff relating to functioning of Filing Section and Board Department and that which is necessary for functioning of Courts on 21-03-2020 to 27-03-2020 as may be required by the Registry for any urgent work relating to their departments, thereby exempting the remaining staff.

Filing of cases on the above dates shall be accepted between 12 noon to 2 pm only.

Bombay High Court

[Notice dt. 20-03-2020]

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In view of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, the competent authority in the CIC directs that the functioning of of the Central Information Commission from 16-03-2020 to 31-03-2020 shall be restricted as follows:

  • Hearing will be limited to urgent matters through video conferencing/audio conferencing.
  • Parties need not come to Central Information Commission unless its essential.
  • Personal appearance of parties or their representatives is dispensed with.
  • All visitors as well as the staff shall be tested at the existing check point at entry gate of reception.
  • Gatherings shall be prohibited in the Central Information Commission.

CIC Building and premises shall be sanitized on a daily basis.

To read the detailed notice, click here:


Central Information Commission

[Notice dt. 16-03-2020]

COVID 19Hot Off The PressNews

The World Health Organization has declared the Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19) as pandemic. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has issued a Memorandum cautioning the general public to stay away from mass gatherings to curtail spread of the said disease. To avoid such mass gatherings, the State Government has also taken a decision to close down the shopping malls, schools, theaters, colleges, universities, anganavadis and tourist places.

Having regard to the safety of all the litigants, lawyers, visitors to the Court premises and Court staff, and with a view to assist the efforts made by both the Central and the State Governments to prevent spread of said COVID-19, Hon’ble the Chief Justice has issued the following directions which will operate till further orders:

i) The High Court of Karnataka in its principal seat at Bengaluru and Benches at Dharwad and Kalaburagi will take up only urgent matters;

ii) Cause lists will be displayed as usual and the Courts will hold sitting at 10.30 a.m. Only those matters on the causelist, which are stated to be urgent by the members of the Bar or parties-in-person will be taken up at the discretion of the Court. The other matters will be taken up provided, all the contesting parties on both the sides consent for taking up the matters. In respect of the remaining matters on the cause list, dates will be assigned as per the discretion of the concerned Courts;

iii) The enclosed general advisory should be given wide publicity by displaying it at prominent places in the Court premises and by circulating it to the members of the Bar as well as staff;

iv) The members of the Bar as well as staff should be advised to strictly follow the said advisory by taking all precautions as mentioned therein;

v) The members of the staff who are showing the symptoms, as disclosed in the enclosed advisory should immediately consult Government Health Department officials and in emergent cases, contact Arogya Sahayavani at Phone No – 104;

vi) From Tuesday 17th March, 2020, the visitors to the High Court (except the members of the Bar) will be subjected to thermal screening by the officials of the Health Department of the State Government. The members of the staff will be subjected to thermal screening in High Court Offices.

vii) Guidelines regarding use of masks are appended along with this memorandum. All concerned are requested to follow the same.

Karnataka High Court

[Notice dt. 15-03-2020]

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In view of the outbreak of Corona Virus (COVID-19), Hon’ble the Acting Chief Justice and Hon’ble Judges of this Court have been pleased to direct that the functioning of this Court from 17.03.2020 shall be restricted to urgent matters and that the routine matters will not be taken up for the time being till the threat persists.

Only those cases which are urgent in nature and cannot await may be mentioned before the Deputy Registrar (Judicial) during the mention hour. Nature of urgency and the assigned Bench be clearly mentioned in the mention memo. Deputy Registrar (Judicial) shall place those memos before the Hon’ble Court for obtaining instruction regarding listing of the same.

Mentioning of routine matters during this period may be avoided.

It is hereby informed that personal appearance of the parties unless the same is indispensible would not be insisted and no adverse order will be passed for absence of any lawyer or litigant on account of illness.

Members of the Bar are requested not to recommend the issuance of visitor passes during this period and to avoid congregation inside and outside the Court rooms.

Considering the importance of the safety measures for health, all concerned are requested to cooperate in this regard, in the interest of all.

Orissa High Court

[Notice dt. 16-03-2020]

COVID 19Hot Off The PressNews

In view of the outbreak of Coronavirus (2019-nCOV), the Full Court in its Meeting held on 16/03/2020 has taken the decision that the functioning of High Court at Jabalpur and Benches at Indore and Gwalior from 16/03/2020 shall be restricted to urgent matters and other matters listed will be adjourned to the dates mentioned in the cause list. This arrangement shall continue till 20th March, 2020.

Madhya Pradesh High Court

[Notification dt. 16-03-2020]