Telangana High Court at Hyderabad: Full Bench of Chief Justice and M.S. Ramachandra Rao and A. Rajasheker Reddy, JJ. in view of the lockdown and limited functioning of Courts have extended the period of Interim Orders till 07-06-2020 and Orders of Executing Courts shall be kept in abeyance.

Government enforced strong measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Nationwide lockdown was also declared on 25-03-2020 for a period of 21 days.

In view of the lockdown due to which the functioning of courts had been restricted, routine matters have been adjourned en bloc to particular dates in month of April. Considering the same, advocates and litigants have not been in a position to appear in the said matters.

As a result, interim orders operating in favour of parties have expired or will expire on or after 20-03-2020.

Court on perusal of the above circumstances, orders that in all matters pending before this Court, and Courts Subordinate to this Court, wherein interim orders were subsisting as on 20-03-2020 and expired, or will expire thereafter, the same shall stand automatically extended till 07-06-2020.

After 15-02-2020, Executing Courts passed directions to bailiffs for executing decrees and dispossessing judgment debtors. Bailiffs in these cases are continuing ti implement said orders, however, judgment debtors do not have means of challenging the said order, hence, Bench directs that any such order shall be kept in abeyance and shall not be executed till further orders.

[In Re: Extension of Interim Orders and Abeyance of Execution Orders, WP No. Urgent 1/2020, decided on 27-03-2020]

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