In continuation of the directions issued vide Office Order No. 157/ RG/DHC/2020 dated 23.03.2020, this Court shall continue hearing extremely urgent matters through videoconferencing, till further orders.

Besides continuing with the steps listed in the said office order, it is further clarified as follows:

1) Mentioning of urgent matters shall continue before the designated Registrars/Joint Registrars, as before.

2) Mentioning is permitted only by the “Counsel on record “.

3) The timings fixed for said purpose may be adhered to.

4) Wherever any request for urgent mentioning is declined by the designated Registrar/Joint Registrar, the concerned “Counsel on record ” shall have an option to re-submit the same for consideration by this Court through a clickable link

5) The aforesaid link shall be available on all working days from 12 Noon to 2.00 pm.

6) Urgency must be explained by uploading a pdf file comprising of one page (not more than 5 MB in size).

7) All the mandatory fields mentioned in said link must be filled up, failing which, the said request will not be processed.

8) If on reconsideration, the matter is found to be of an extremely urgent nature, the concerned Registrar shall immediately inform all concerned about the date and time of listing.

9) Only soft copies of the documents shall be entertained & they may be forwarded to the designated email.

10) In view of the prevailing circumstances, an application shall be submitted with a prayer for exemption from filing duly affirmed affidavit(s) along with an undertaking to pay the court fees/deficit court fees which shall be deposited within 72 hours from the date of resumption of the regular functioning of this Court.

11) Hearing in all such matters shall be conducted through videoconferencing which can be joined by the concerned counsel from their respective residences/offices, as is already being done.

Delhi High Court

[Notice dt. 04-04-2020]

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