Additional Judges J&K and Ladakh HC Kerala HC
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Justice Mohd. Yousuf Wani of J&K and Ladakh HC took oath of office on 25-03-2024 while 6 new Judges of Kerala HC were sworn in on 22-03-2024.

Ministry of Law and Justice Centre Permanent Judges
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The President of India appointed the Permanent Judges while exercising the power conferred under Art. 217(1) of the Constitution.

Chief Justices Acting Chief Justice 6 high courts
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Ministry of Law and Justice notified appointment of Chief Justices for Allahabad, Gauhati, Meghalaya, Rajasthan, Orissa and Uttaranchal High Courts.

supreme court collegium elevation judges high courts
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A total number of 4 candidates were recommended by the Collegium to be appointed as Judges of the High Courts of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

High Court Judges Elevation Collegium
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The year end is near, and it is time to reflect on the past! Read this report to know all that was relevant for the High Court Judges in 2023.

chief justice 5 high courts collegium appointment
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The Collegium on 27-12-2023 recommended names for future Chief Justices for the High Courts of Allahabad, Gauhati, Jharkhand, Punjab and Haryana and Rajasthan, whose former Chief Justices had either retired or were elevated to the Supreme Court.

collegium judicial strength appointment retirement
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Year 2023 was as hectic for the Supreme Court as any other year, especially when it concerns the appointment and retirements of its Judges. Read this report to know the important year round ongoings affecting the Judges and judicial strength of the Supreme Court of India.

Justice Siddhartha Roy Chowdhury
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Justice Chowdhury who is currently serving as an Additional Judge of Calcutta High Court, is due to retire on 27-12-2023.

supreme court collegium high court judges appointment
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The Collegium thoroughly scrutinized the recommended names on basis of the reports sent by the respective High Court Collegiums and material placed on record by the Department of Justice.

karnataka high court
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Considering this petition challenging appointment of the private respondents as Secretaries with Cabinet Rank, Court was of the view that the respondents were appointed to assist the Chief Minister and they are not functioning as the Ministers in the literal sense.

supreme court collegium (2)
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A recap of the Resolutions passed by the Supreme Court Collegium in August 2023 to appoint and transfer High Court Judges for better administration of justice and to address the issue of judicial vacancies.

collegium appointment judicial officers advocate
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In its Resolution dated 17-08-2023, the Collegium recommended the names of the judicial officers and advocates to be appointed as Judges in High Courts of Gauhati and Orissa.

justice ujjal bhuyan justice sv bhatti supreme court of india
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Supreme Court Collegium recommended the elevation of Justice Bhuyan and Justice Bhatti on 05-07-2023, which was cleared by the Ministry of Law and Justice within 1 week, i.e. on 12-07-2023.

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The Supreme Court set aside the Karnataka High Court verdict wherein it was held that the State failed in its obligation to inform the respondent about the existence of the vacancy that has arisen.

justice m.s. ramachandra rao
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Sworn in as 28th Chief Justice of the High Court of Himachal Pradesh on 30-05-2023, Justice M. S. Ramachandra Rao also served as a Judge of the High Courts of Punjab and Haryana State of Telangana.

new chief justices of high court
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KERALA HIGH COURT ↪ Shri Justice Sarasa Venkatanarayana Bhatti, Judge, Kerala High Court, appointed as the Chief Justice of the Kerala High

supreme court judges appointment
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In a marvellous display of speed, the Collegium recommendation of elevating Justice Mishra and Senior Advocate K.V. Viswanathan to the Supreme Court was cleared by the Law Ministry in 2 days.

Justice Pritinker Diwaker
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Prior to being appointed as Allahabad High Court’s 50th Chief Justice, Justice Pritinker Diwaker had been working as the High Court’s Acting Chief Justice after elevation of former Chief Justice, Rajesh Bindal

Supreme Court Law Clerk
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Law Clerk will be paid a consolidated remuneration of Rs. 80,000/- per and Rs. 90,000/- per month if given an extension after twelve months of the initial assignment.

Zila Parishad
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Given the existence of the unambiguous provision, Supreme Court held that the services rendered by primary teachers while in the service of the Zilla Parishad deserves to be counted towards their seniority after the transfer and merger of their services into the Pune Municipal Corporation