Aadhaar (Payment of Fees for Performance of Authentication) Amendment Regulations 2024

On 31-1-2024, the Unique Identification Authority of India notified the Aadhaar (Payment of Fees for Performance of Authentication) Amendment Regulations, 2024 to amend the Aadhaar (Payment of Fees for Performance of Authentication) Regulations, 2023. The provisions came into force on 31-1-2024.

Key Points:

  1. Regulation 3 relating to “Fee for authentication” has been revised.

    • A new provision has been introduced vide which a fee of Rs. 5 will be chargeable to requesting entity which has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding/ agreement with the Authority for performing authentication with update regarding the status as to whether any Aadhaar number previously submitted has been subsequently omitted or deactivated or re-activated and responses in respect of performance of authentication of Aadhaar number.

    • The fee will be inclusive of all applicable taxes.

    • The fee, upon completion of every period of 24 calendar months from 31-1-2024, will stand revised in proportion to ratio of the Consumer Price Index for the calendar month at the end of such period to that for the calendar month in which the said regulations came into force, rounded off to the nearest 10 paise.

  2. Regulation 4 relating to “Time for payment of fee” has been revised introducing a provision-

    “Doing of act or thing related to delegated power or function” – Any act/ thing which is performed by the Authority can also be performed by any Member/ officer of the Authority or by any other person to whom the Authority has delegated the related power or function by general or special order in writing.

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