It''s only after you''ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change,, grow,, and transform..”

– Roy T.. Bennett

The Moot Court Society of Amity Law School Noida has always upheld the belief that to achieve excellence in the field of Law, students need a platform to show their skills and practice their oral and written advocacy. The Moot Court Society is one of the largest student-run body comprising students who share a passionate zeal to achieve great heights.

The society has been successful in hosting many prestigious workshops by inviting legal luminaries and eloquent speakers. Several teams that have been sent out to participate in the various National Moot Court competitions have constantly brought glory and pride to the college.

Law students need to prove skills and efficiency in terms of their subject around the peer group. This can be achieved through the enriching experience of Mooting. Therefore, the Moot court competitions reveal new insights and spaces for students to practice their skills in debating, mediation, problem-solving, critical thinking and analytical measures. All these skills will further help to gather a comprehensive focus on legal materials for study and related subject areas.

It is with great enthusiasm that the Amity Law School, Noida presents the 12th edition of its Amity International Moot Court Competition, 2022. The event is scheduled on- 4th November 2022 & 5th November 2022 in Online Mode.

Amity Law School Noida presents a Platform where the part-takers can display their talents and undergo interactive and communicative sessions for an exchange of ideas that will lay focus on public issues.

We are grateful to our Founder President Sir, Dr Ashok K Chauhan who has been instrumental in providing an environment where students can come on stage and perform in many myriads of activities.

This year's competition is based on the leading issues of ‘International Criminal Law' which comprises rules and laws laid down by the various International bodies. Any violation of such rules and laws will lead to the perpetrators being held accountable for their actions. The laws of the war protects civilians, civilian objects, and environment from direct attack. The natural environment has frequently remained a silent casualty of war. The consequences of environmental damage for conflict-affected populations are severe and complex, affecting their well-being, health and survival. International humanitarian law (IHL) contains rules that protect the natural environment and that seek to limit the damage caused to it by armed conflict. At the same time, armed conflicts have continued to cause environmental damage and destruction. The question remains to what extent international law can be expected to mitigate environmental disruption in times of warfare?

Cyber warfare poses another challenge to the application of international humanitarian law. Does IHL applies to cyber-attacks? What constitutes an attack under IHL? Does the destruction of data constitute an attack under IHL? What would be the consequences if IHL is deemed inapplicable to cyber space?

Furthermore, the use of fully autonomous weapons raises serious moral and legal concerns. Who will be accountable for unlawful harm caused by fully autonomous weapons? Should humans be always responsible for the error caused by autonomous weapons? What is the level of accountability for individuals directly or indirectly involved in the use of autonomous weapon systems?

The competition will instigate the participants to research and examine these questions and additionally help them to gain an inclusive approach to the subject.

To Know More, refer Rules and Regulations- AIM 22,Moot Problem- AIM 22 and Itinerary-AIM22-compressed

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