The Consortium of National Law Universities met on September 5th under the chairmanship of President V. Vijayakumar, Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor of NLIU, Bhopal and took the following decisions:

  1. The seat of the CLAT Consortium has been shifted from NLSIU, Bangalore to NALSAR, Hyderabad in wake of NLSIU’s decision to conduct its own entrance this year.
  2. CLAT exam to be held on 28th September, 2020. Except NLSIU, Bangalore, no other Law University  to hold its test independently as was erroneously reported in the media.
  3. NLSIU Vice-Chancellor Prof Sudhir Krishnaswami has been divested of the post of Secretary-Treasurer  of the Consortium , in the light of the clear conflict of interest between the functions of the Consortium and his decision to hold an independent test for NLSIU. In his place Professor K. D. Rao, last year’s CLAT convener and Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, NLU, Odisha, shall discharge the financial functions of the Treasurer of the CLAT Consortium.
  4.  Professor Faizan Mustafa, the Senior-most member of the Consortium and Past President shall  discharge all the administrative and secretarial functions of the Consortium. He shall also take over the control of the official website.
  5. The consortium unanimously resolved that Professor Sudhir Krishnaswami’s decision to go ahead with a unilateral test was in derogation of the Bye-laws and the Objectives of the Consortium.

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